Monday, February 11, 2008

You're Fired

A recent story by the AP and ran by the Des Moines register talked about a local NBC affiliate in Davenport who laid off 12 employees, including the main weekend news anchor, causing the cancellation of its Saturday morning newscasts. The layoffs and cancellations have been attributed to debt and poor "advertising vunerability."

This article was interesting to read,especially after the talks I heard at the Iowa Newspaper Association/Iowa College Media Association conference.

Quite a few of the presenters spoke on how NOW is the exciting time to be a journalist with the field opening up and broadining, while the workshop I went to on broadcasting talked about how competitive the market is and how its getting even harder to find a job in broadcasting. It just makes me wonder, whether or not journalism is the way to go, if I want to eat more than just bread and top ramen.

The other question that came to mind when reading this article is, does this station really follow the big rule of journalism is having a loyalty to the reader? If they are cancelling 2 broadcasts (the 6:30 and 9am shows on Saturday's). What if something important happens Friday night and people can't find out about it until later on Saturday because this broadcast wasn't aired? It was just a thought.

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