Thursday, May 13, 2010

Now I've got something to blog about


So it's time for an angry blog. And I guess "angry" is the right word. Maybe aggravated or stressed or maybe even annoyed is a better term. Either way, whatever word you choose, this blog is about letting off some steam.

And really, as usual, in 24 hours I will probaby be completely over this, happy again, wondering why I even wrote this blog and I may even delete it. But it's something that's bugging me, bugging me enough I feel the need blog out my frustrations.

AND as per usual, the anxiety is coming from relationship things. Overall, Barista and I are A-OK. We're not fighting. He's not being a douchebag or any of that. It's more so it's art that's getting in the way.

As you may recall, the Barista is an artist, a good one actually. And this Friday is his first ever solo art show, so he's in full swing on creative mode.

WELL, when the Barista is in creative mode, he becomes a recluse, and Drew gets tossed to the side, slightly forgetten about until his art is done and he remembers that he has a boyfriend. OR that's at least how it feels.

We go from seeing eachother, especially recently, almost every day, to nothing. And I could handle it if it was just that. I don't need to see him everyday. I like to and I want to, but if I can't NBD. I'll survive and manage.No, but what bugs me is that all communication seems to get shut off. No texts, no phone calls etc. That's what bugs me.

And I hate sounding like a needy whiney Bella inspired girl. Someone who thinks they need to be with a man at all times, and I'm not completely that way. BUT I do like to be able to talk to my boyfriend without feeling like I'm being a nusance.

And I don't need constant communication either, and it's also not that he is COMPLETLY blown me off. It's just that a text that at least says. "hi, how's your day" or even "hi, leave me alone. I'm focusing on the show." would be appreciated.

And what further adds to the annoyance is that I won't get a text back from something I sent him 2 hours ago, but in between then I'll see 3 or 4 tweets from him about the show...... Even though he will yell at me if I tweet before texting social media and technology I spose.

SO yea. And it's not that I don't support him. I do. And we've talked about it and he's warned me that's how gets and I said. Okay, I can handle that. And for the most part I do. Well, minus this whole blog thing right now.

I guess my issue is that I feel like I'm the one doing all the work and making the sacrifices and saying "okay, Barista, go ahead and do your art". I'll just sit here and wait for your to return. And he doesn't have to try for me. And I like to think I'm not expecting a lot. But even if you took a timeout and said. Okay, Drew, I'll make time to have dinner or lunch with you. Or go ahead and come over. I'd be happy. But I'm just kinda hurt I guess he doesn't seem to care and is just "leave me alone, I have to do my art".

And also, my friend Pocket has been helping him with the show. Just logistics stuff and getting ready. And I'm kinda jealous that he hasn't asked me. Even after I told him a couple weeks ago that I wanted to help him more. But once again, I asked him today when he wanted me to help and he said that him and pocket had it covered. And yea, I'm kinda hurt....................ugh I sound like such a baby right now. I feel like as the bf, I should be there. Helping. Making sure its going right. I mean, for christs sake, I'm an event planner. I know what the hell I'm doing.

And in his "defense" he did have lunch with me yesterday. BUT I think it was really just because he wanted to pick up the projector I had gotten for him for his art show. And not really because he had any interest in seeing me.

And I know this blog is whiney and complainy and Barista sounds like he's being a total dick.

He's not really. Our relationship is Fine like I said. And I do know that come tomorrow night at 10pm when his art show is done, we'll be fine. It's just something that's bugging me for the time being.

And he's not meaning to do any of it on purpose. I know he loves me etc. It's just how he does his art. And it is ultimately something I'm going to have to deal with if I want to keep him. And I do. So I will. And I'm guessing as time goes on I'll get more and more used to it.

So. yea. That's what's bugging me. Getting ditched by my boyfriend so he can go be creative and make great art.

Barista, if you happen to read this. Lo Siento. i know you don't mean to. I promise, in reality I'm fine. It's just me in one of my moody/whiney baby modes.

Until next time.

******SIDE NOTE*******
SO, of course. A couple hours after I blog this who stops by while I'm interning at DMSC.
The barista. Granted, it was for literally 30seconds, but he did stop by to say HI.
And now I'm in a better mood.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another day another dollar


So blogger apparently hates me. I have actually posted blogs in between now and the last time I posted (granted it has only been a couple, my bad) but for some reason, blogger didn't want to post them.
And instead of posting now old information, I'm just getting over it.Moving on and posting today.

And I don't feel like trying to play catch up with the last month of my life, even though there really hasn't been anything too excting. So I'm just going to go with a new post and talk about "my future".

In less than 2 weeks I will officially be a college graduate, and while 8 months ago that thought scared the crap out of me, I am now 100% ready! I'm excited to move on and grow up and begin life. And while I slightly worry I might regret that a couple months into the grown up life thing, I'm still fine with it.

I have found a job. Right now it's only 15 hours a week. But it's a job none the less and even better, it's exactly what I want to do. so HORRAY!

I'll be the "director of social media and anyalytics" for an on-line based social media consulting firm here in the DSM area. Which means, I'll be creating blogs,twitter accounts, facebook and whatever else for our clients. I'll also teach them how to use it and do it themselves, so we can ultimately turn it over to them to run.

I'm excited, since this company is slightly new and I'm one of the few staffers, I have a chance to grow with the company and when I interviewed my boss told me there's a good chance it will turn into a full time and salaried position. BOO YAA!

So, I'll definitally keep you up to date on how that goes.

With that, I've decided to not return to camp this summer and stick around DSM. A few guys from the house and I are leasing a town home, so it should be fun. I'm just really excited to finally spend a summer in DSM. I never have, so I can't wait for everything. Pride, Arts Festival, 80/35 etc. etc. It should be a gooood time!

But I guess that's about it. I'll do my best to get back into blogging regularly, I promise.

And also, I'm in the midst of switching platforms. Turns out most people in the social media world use wordpress to blog, including my new company. And since it would probably be a good idea for me to join with the times and know how to use what the industry uses, I'm switching to that, and the blog will take a bit of a turn and become more about my life as a YP in DSM. And not so much a "here's what's going on in my life. La de da".

But I promise it'll still be just as entertaining.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm still here

Wow. Time has flown. I really didn't realize it had been a MONTH since I last blogged. My bad.

And I'm not really sure why. Part of it is a week of that month I was gone down to Florida for Spring Break with no internet access, so that was a problem and then when I got back I kind of had to hit the ground running with school and all that fun stuff and so really, blogging became the last thing on my mind. That, and I'm doing my best to actually blog about legitimate things, not just ramble on about my life and I couldn't think of anything legit to talk about, so I didn't blog and now it's been over a month and I feel guilty, so I'm blogging.

But anyways.

I've finally started the big kid job search. I've decided that I would ultimately like to stay in Des Moines and find a job and work, and am now planning on camp as my back up plan in case I don't find anything.

As far as jobs, I'm still thinking events and PR, but would also love something in social media, either as a consultant or analyst at a social media consulting firm. OR, as a social media person for an individual company itself. So, I've been looking and talking and trying to get advice from people who are currently in the field to see where I should be looking and what I should be doing.

It's kind of exciting. I'm finally ready to actually grow up and graduate. Yes, I'm definitely going to miss my friends and some of the perks that go with college. But I'm looking forward to living in a real house or apartment, having a normal job, grocery shopping, and actual free time. It'll be nice to not have to worry about homework or making sure I make it to all 20 of my meetings every week.

I suppose my biggest worry though right now with job hunting, besides actually finding a job. Is trying to find one that 1) I'm going to enjoy and 2) making sure I'm good at it. I'm slightly scared that I'll find a job and take it and then turn around and suck at it and then I won't enjoy it and I'll be in trouble. But I guess we'll see.

But that's it for now.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Now Playing @ The Temple for Performing Arts

"A salute to the Baby Boomer Generation, The Wonder Bread Years is a fast-paced, hilarious production that gracefully walks the line between stand-up and theater. Audiences across the country are enjoying a show that not only restores a much-needed sense of wonder, but leaves audiences laughing and savoring the past like never before."

If you're looking for a show that's going to have you laughing so hard your side hurts and you have tears in your eyes, this isn't the show for you. If your looking for a good way to spend 2 hours being entertained, while strolling down memory lane, then "The Wonder Bread Years" will do the trick.

It was apparent this show was for the baby boomers when I walked into the theatre and there were only a handful of people younger than my grandparents. And it was solidified when the star of our show (Pat Hazell, it's a one man show PS) made references to the manwhich jingle, clackers and wearing bread sacks; and while they went above my 22 year old head, the rest of the audience laughed knowingly.

BUT for the most part, the jokes were cross generational and I was able to laugh along, thinking of my own childhood experiences dealing with the kid who turned his eyelids inside out, recycled unisex halloween costumes, and dad's inability to babysit.

The description says the show gracefully walks the line between standup and theatre, but I would say it probably trips and falls more into the standup catagory. There's no real storyline, Hazell tended to follow the standup routine and skipped from topic to topic; ranging from childhood addictions to sugar to holidays. And he delivers it all in a conversational tone that made me feel like I was listening to someone tell a story, not watching a play.

What I enjoyed most about the show was it's ability to seemingly bring the audience together. Whether with his slideshows that featured ads from the 60's (well, I think it was the 60s.before my time anyway), the jokes that everyone got or just some comment he had. People knew what he was talking about, because they watched/played with or thought that exact same thing at some point in their life.

So overall, it was an enjoyable show. It wasn't best thing I've seen, but it wasn't the worst. I was entertained the whole time, laughed on ocassion and left happy.

So, if you're looking for something to do between now and March 21st and feel like taking a walk down memory lane, then I suggest taking a look at "The Wonder Bread Years."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take your sustainability and shove it, and I don't mean recycle it. I mean throw it away and let it rot in a landfill.

So, I support the whole going green movement as much as the next guy.

I recycle as best I can, I shut off the lights when I leave a room, WALK whenever possible, prefer paper over plastic and don't use bags from the grocery store whenever I can.

I believe that Global Warming is happening and that we could all work a little harder to "save the environment," but here's the deal. You can only push your sustainability agenda so far.

What do I mean?

Welllll, at SimpCo we have a handful of individuals who make manage to bring sustainability up EVERY chance they get and it's getting to the point where they make me want to burn styrofoam,use as MANY plastic sacks as I can and drive a hummer.

SGA heard over and over about this issue of "styrofoam cups in the grill and dining hall" and they're bad for the environment and bla bla bla. Everytime we heard this, we told them we'd look into it. We DID. We talked to the COLLEGE PRESIDENT about the issue, who told us he'd look into it as well and we let all of them know. But yet 2 days later we still get an e-mail sharing their concern as a result of reading the SGA minutes-which SAID we had brought it up to the president!!!

We're curently undergoing a change in the laundry facilities. SGA was informed of this decision and one of our little eco-warriors went off because the dryers weren't "energy star approved". WELL, turns out that's because energy stary dryers DO.NOT.EXIST!!

I do, I understand the importance of being green and doing those little things to help the environment. But that's exactly it. You have to pick your battles! I ASSURE you Simpson and SGA is doing what we can to help our school be green, but you have to remember it also means $$$ and time. And those aren't an endless resource either.

I give these eco-warriors KuDoS. I applaud them for being so passionate about an issue. I wish I could be more that way in an all honesty. And think more people could be. After all, it's the passionate that do change the world.......... However, I still have another suggestion.

Do more.

You come to us and say change the styrofoam cups, change the styrofoam cups, change the styrofoam cups but that's it. Do some leg work. RESEARCH, finds us facts and figures and numbers that show us why we should change, what it'll do for us and what the benifits really are. That's when the administration listens, trust me I know from experience!

And also, when you're in on SGA and in that meeting and you're pushing that Green agenda. Even if it is good for the school/environment/wildlife/whoever. The bigger question you need to remember, is this what your constituents want? DON'T FORGET, You're in that senator seat because of them. Yes, they've entrusted you with some responsibility that you'll know what needs talked about and you'll make the right choice. BUT you don't need to be pushing your own personal agenda everyweek, raising the same issue that we've heard the last 3 weeks. It's AnNoYiNg people and they're caring less and less.

So, yes. I agree. It's important to be green, it's important to do the little things to save the enviroment, but remember. We aren't captain planet, we can't canjoin 5 rings and make things happen. It takes time, money and people and these are some things that don't just come out of nowhere.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Twitter Tantrum

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a social media junkie.

Just ask the Barista, he makes fun of me on a daily basis for my addiction to blogging,twitter,4square,facebook and my ning networks.

With that addiction comes knowledge; I've learned the ins and outs of most of my social media, but know I have a lot to learn still.

And with that knowledge also comes the responsibility of having to remember that not all people are as "savvy" and they sometimes need "educated". Much like what I deal with @ Simpson when dealing with SGA and CAB.

So, I thought today I would take an opportunity to share with my blog readers and fellow "tweeters", Drew's do's and don'ts of tweeting.

DON'T use four letter words in your tweets. It's just not necessary and makes you look like an uneducated fool when you tweet "F*CK that Sh*T. Thank god it's Friday." Don't forget that your potential employers are looking at your Facebook,twitter and etc. when they are going through your application.

DO use a tiny url when sharing links! You only have 140characters anyway. Don't waste it giving me a link that uses 120 of them. It's simple; put your link into and you'll get a nifty little url to use instead. And it looks alto cleaner and more professional.

DON'T have a "tweet-versation". This might be one of the one's that drives me nuts the most. It's okay to reply to someone or even reply to a reply, but beyond that USE A DIRECT MESSAGE! No one wants to see your conversation about last weekend or see you argue over some movie you both just saw. It's annoying when my phone is blowing up every 30 seconds because you and your friend are conversing back and forth.

DO use correct spelling and punctuation. I don't think I need to elaborate on this one. Like I said earlier, people are paying attention to your tweets and it looks even worse when your tweeting for a company or supposed to be professional. Take 10 seconds to make sure you've used the right "they're/their/there" etc. and you'll look better and annoy less people.

DON'T over share. No one cares that you had a ham sandwich for lunch or that it's been a horrible day and you hate your life. Grab your phone and text or call a friend that actually cares, so you don't waste someone elses time reading about the details of your life.

DO let your personality show through. You don't need to only twitter urls to important newslinks or keep all your twitters about business/professional related things. It's okay to have personality and share some links to entertaining youtube videos are great quotes you've heard. It's just like Facebook. It's a judgement call, it's what you want people to think about you. And if all else fails just think this "Is this a tweet you'd let your grandma see?"

So, next time you go to tweet about your walk in the rain or to share a video, keep these little tips and tricks in mind and you'll look better and your followers will be happier.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well, that was a mindscrew

So, Barista, myself and a couple of friends went and saw Shutter Island tonight and well, if you like your mind fucked with, this is a movie for you!

It was fantastic!

It's one of those that has you thinking you completely know what's going on 1/2 way through the movie. Then this event happens and you start to second guess, then another happens and you're thinking something else, then a 3rd event happens and you're completely turned around again and then the next you know you feel just as lost and hopeless as poor little Leonardo's character feels.


And I also realized that while I get squemish and treat slasher movies like a VH1 reality show. Something that you don't want to watch, and attempt to look away, but in the end, manage to get sucked into anyway. Well, that's how Barista is when mind game movies. I was sitting on the edge of my seat,adrenaline pumping, ready for something to happen and he was leaning as far away from the screen as possible,half hiding behind his coat.

I read the Ebert review of it on Friday and he referred to it as "haunted house" type of movie. And he was correct. The lights go out right when they shouldn't, the characters walk down the too silent, too dim hall, and you're pissing yourself because you keep waiting for something to happen and of course it doesn't. That was this movie.

The crazy people are amazing. There's the cute old lady you feel bad for and don't know why she's locked up, then she explains that she axed her husband. The dork who sliced his nurses face open, but looks like he wouldn't have hurt a fly and then the crazies that we only see in the dim light, adding to their psychotic appeal.

The movie also gets at your emotional gut as well, playing the card of the mom who drowned her kids and now we see images of hopeless dead ghost children, and also playing all too realistic looking flashbacks of Nazi concentration camps ( part of Leo's past-in the movie).

I can't remember the last time I saw a movie that had my adrenaline pumping as Leo runs down the dim and dark halls of "ward 3" one minute, and then enducing near vomiting and tears while images from the Nazi concentration camps come into view 5 minutes later.

If you like any sort of movie that confuses you, makes you sweat as much as the character you're watching or if you just want to catch a glimpse of Leo with his shirt off. Shutter Island is the movie for you.