Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Twitter Tantrum

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a social media junkie.

Just ask the Barista, he makes fun of me on a daily basis for my addiction to blogging,twitter,4square,facebook and my ning networks.

With that addiction comes knowledge; I've learned the ins and outs of most of my social media, but know I have a lot to learn still.

And with that knowledge also comes the responsibility of having to remember that not all people are as "savvy" and they sometimes need "educated". Much like what I deal with @ Simpson when dealing with SGA and CAB.

So, I thought today I would take an opportunity to share with my blog readers and fellow "tweeters", Drew's do's and don'ts of tweeting.

DON'T use four letter words in your tweets. It's just not necessary and makes you look like an uneducated fool when you tweet "F*CK that Sh*T. Thank god it's Friday." Don't forget that your potential employers are looking at your Facebook,twitter and etc. when they are going through your application.

DO use a tiny url when sharing links! You only have 140characters anyway. Don't waste it giving me a link that uses 120 of them. It's simple; put your link into and you'll get a nifty little url to use instead. And it looks alto cleaner and more professional.

DON'T have a "tweet-versation". This might be one of the one's that drives me nuts the most. It's okay to reply to someone or even reply to a reply, but beyond that USE A DIRECT MESSAGE! No one wants to see your conversation about last weekend or see you argue over some movie you both just saw. It's annoying when my phone is blowing up every 30 seconds because you and your friend are conversing back and forth.

DO use correct spelling and punctuation. I don't think I need to elaborate on this one. Like I said earlier, people are paying attention to your tweets and it looks even worse when your tweeting for a company or supposed to be professional. Take 10 seconds to make sure you've used the right "they're/their/there" etc. and you'll look better and annoy less people.

DON'T over share. No one cares that you had a ham sandwich for lunch or that it's been a horrible day and you hate your life. Grab your phone and text or call a friend that actually cares, so you don't waste someone elses time reading about the details of your life.

DO let your personality show through. You don't need to only twitter urls to important newslinks or keep all your twitters about business/professional related things. It's okay to have personality and share some links to entertaining youtube videos are great quotes you've heard. It's just like Facebook. It's a judgement call, it's what you want people to think about you. And if all else fails just think this "Is this a tweet you'd let your grandma see?"

So, next time you go to tweet about your walk in the rain or to share a video, keep these little tips and tricks in mind and you'll look better and your followers will be happier.


Cheryl said...

Social Media is the only way to live.
I really hate Twitter though.
People tweet dumb stuff.
i really don't care that some people are depressed and want to cut themselves.

Ok, so maybe i care a little bit
But I wish they wouldn't tweet it.
Makes me feel bad.
Like I'm taking up too much happiness.

stillarockstar said...

Don't tweet.

I keep it simple. ;P