Monday, February 15, 2010

Burlesque dancers, fish and Panama City

SO the V-day was a success.

Barista "surprised" me , and surprised is in quotes because he told me about it on Friday, so it wasn't as surprise on Sunday...but anyway...he surprised me with tickets to the St. Vitus and the Taxi Dancers (which is Des Moines' one and only burlesque troop) show, and it was a really good show. There were some saucy sexy numbers and some cute numbers and it was overall entertaining. Granted, the theatre student in me was little more critical than most with a few thigs..but I liked it. And lets face it. nothing says "I Love You" like a boyfriend taking his boyfriend to watch girls dance in their panties....jk..but really, it was fun, and obvi not your typical date for the big V-Day.

And I sucessfully avoided getting him anything sterotypical or disgustingly least I hope. I got him a fish. A big ol black one. the kind with the big eyes. I can't think of the technical name, but hopefully you know what i'm talking about.

Here, this is what it looks like:

Because his other fish, Harriet, had died last week. We decided this one was a boy and named it Jules Winnfield (like after Samuel L. Jackson's character in Pulp Fiction).

I'm slightly worried the things going to croak since I have the WORST luck with fish. But I'm hoping that maybe because it's technically his, the fish will survive....we'll see.

I did get him chocolate though. But not the stupid,sterotypical, overpriced and overdone box of heart chocolate. Just a simple giant bar of Hershey's with Almonds (PS can I pull a Kim Kardashian here and get 10grand for name dropping, even though its not a tweet...its still a mention and I'm on the same level as her, aren't I?) Since that's one of his favorites.

So yea, overall a pretty fantastic v-day. Granted, I don't have any to really compare it to. BUT I liked it.alot.

We also went to a movie on Friday and saw "When In Rome" which was an adorable little slightly lovey-dovey chick flick. Yes, I am one of those gays that likes chick flicks.........But actually it wasn't too bad as far as "chick flicks" go. Annnnnnnnd while he was silently complaning, he's not a fan of those types of movies. He still went with me =). BUT, he can SHHHH anyway, I went to Daybreakers-which was that horrible movie where the world as all vampires and they farmed humans for blood with him awhile ago. So, NOW we're even.. and if he's reading this..THATS RIGHT I SAID IT!

In other news...

I got a B+ on the advertising test I was freaking out about last week. So HORRAY to me. I was really thinking I had scraped by with a C, so I was more than happy with that grade!

Annnd I still hate winter and it's continuing to snow.

Screw you Iowa.

1 month til Panama City!!!!

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stillarockstar said...

LOL. I equally LOVE the WAY you talk/write as much as thet content...cracks me up. The whole fish deal is great..."the one with the big eyes." ...CONGRATS on the good test score & SO HAPPY you had a nice V-day weekend - you TOTALLY deserve it!