Saturday, February 13, 2010

In which I epically fail


I was thinking the other day. It's something I do alot of. And I got to thinking about my NYE resolutions and how I have EPICALLY failed at keeping theme.

As a reminder here's what they were:

  • Give Up some vices
  • Workout
  • Become $$ responsible
  • Do what I say I'm going to
  • Do a random act of kindness everyday

1) Give Up Some Vices-okay, so I've actually succeed in this one. I'm not doing some of the stupid crap I used to and I feel about myself for that.

2)Workout-hahaha. The only time I've set foot in Cowles since returning to Simpson is either during an admissions tour or to watch a basketball game =( And I can't even use the busy excuse. I have plenty of time I could get in there and workout, I just don't think about it. I keep telling myself I'll get to it again. But we shall see. I'd still like to. I hate being a scrawny little twink.

3)Become $$ responsible- this one is a toss up. I like to think I'm not as randomly spending as I used to, but I still pry buy things I shouldn't. I think what is also the problem is I have yet to find a part time job. i would be A-OK on things if I was actually working. I've partially attempted to find a PT job but really didn't try as well as I should've..SOOOO I went job hunting today and we'll see how that pans out. The thing is, I get picky. I'm used to being a server and I love that job. Cash at the end of every night and you usally make good$$$. So It's hard to go work a minumum wage job at The Gap or a gas station. Which PS, a big THANKS 4 NOTHING to them. I "re-interviewed" with them in like beginning of January ( I had worked there for over a year back in junior year, but had to leave at the beginning of '09) and the girl was all "okay great, I'll get back to you soon and we'll get you started again. "BUT I've heard nothing. SO I don't want anything to do them. Their loss. I was a great employee! So yea. If I can get a job again, I know I'll be fine!

4) Do what I say I'm going to-ummm...idk about this one either...I don't really know if there's much I've said "okay, this is a new goal". Which maybe is an issue. I don't know. I spose you could say I fail at this one too..ugh..whateve

5)Do a random act of kindness- This one is harder than I thought. I spose it depends on your definition of random act of kindness. If it's just smiling at someone or holding a door open, I'm good. But if you want more from me. well, lo siento. I fail.

I like too, how I swore when I wrote my original blog about these goals back in 2009. I thought 2010 would be different and I'd accomplish them..hahaha...I sounded like some college freshman, bright eyed and bushy tailed. And have since obviously failed..horribly and epically..but that's reallllly nothing new.

eh.oh well.

In other news....

Tomorrow's valentines day. I'm supposed to be spending it with Barista, obvi. BUUUT right now apparenty it is supposed to snow...again..a big EF you to that too...Iowa is now historical, 60+ days with more than 4inches of snow on the ground. SCREW THAT! Ugh..I freakin' hate winter more than I hate obvious closet cases. But hopefully it works out. He got us tickets to this Burlesque show thats going on in DSM..which should be fun, I've heard good things about the troupe..

I'm also currently trying to think of a fantastic costume for a party I have to be at in an hour. The theme is "future" and i have no clue..its too broad..i'll pry go and go with something scandy.. I usually's what gets the best responses..and like everyone says.. I'm fuckin' drew. I'll do what I want.

speaking of..i need to I can do this outfit thing.


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