Monday, February 8, 2010

MAYBE it's you...not everyone else

Consider this your warning. The following blog may contain material and statements that offends, particularly if you happen to be of a minority group. I'm here to tell you NOW that I DON'T CARE if it does. And chances are, if you do get offended, it's because you are one of the people I am talking about. AND if it doesn't offend you, well then, happy reading.

Okay, so here's my take on issues that are related to minorities. Whether its due to gender,skin,color, sexual orientation etc. Through the experiences I've either had first hand ,witnessed or heard about, it is my belief that often times these issues of getting the shaft because you're {insert minority here} is bullshit.

Yep. I just said that. I think that most of the time people play the minority card too quickly and too easily and if you took a step back and looked at the situation you would see that you're probably the person at fault, not the white middle class male you're hating on.

YES, there are still unfortunate incidents where legitmate racism/heterosexism/sexism are occuring and I recognize that, and I am just as angry about the injustice as you are, but I think those times often times are less in number than the "supposed" ones.

Take for instance this kid on campus. He's a tool. He's cocky,douchy and walks around like he's a gift to SC. 9am to 3pm when he's in class he's a well dressed,well spoken, somewhat competant person. But after 5pm, he's a overly large brightly colored shirt wearing, pants halfway down his ass toten, sideways hat,fake swagger struttin individual. WTF!? This individual often calls the race card, when really its for the aformentioned reasons people hate on him.

In addition, I recently heard about an incident where residents of a campus housing unit were playing their music way too loud at midnight,which is designated "quiet hours". This wasn't the first time it has happened, it happens nightly. Well, the neighbor went to the CA and complained. When the CA asked the accused party to quiet down the residents got pissed, went to the dean of students who works with the minority students on campus and complained. Now, CA's are afraid to enforce the rules that everyone else has to live by, with persons of a minority, because they've been told to be careful. Since apparently, enforcing the rules on a room of students blaring music at 12am is racism.

Women are the same way. No, actually you're not getting the shaft because you're a woman, you're getting it because you're underqualified, can't meet work expectations.

And even the gays. Shut up. And I'll admit I am guilty of it at times. But no one really gives a shit or thinks about your sexuality. You're getting made fun of because your acting like a d-bag.

I think if minorities just shut up and lived their lives like we expect everyone else to, we would be A-OK. There wouldn't be issues.

I actually feel bad for the white, middle class, heterosexual man. He's the one that gets hated on. He can't make a sexist comment because then he's a machoistic pig. Makes a comment about blacks and he's racist and uses the term gay he's homophobic. GET OVER IT!

We all live into our sterotypes lets get real. We all admit it and we make fun ourselves for it, so why can't others? And if you want to get technical, they're the ones that made up the jokes and names for us, so shouldn't they have dibs on using them?

I'm not a racist. I believe in equal opportunity for everything and etc. and I know that there still is legitimate issues with payment in the workplace and stuff like that. But people need to quit making such a fuss and live and let live.

Then maybe, we would get along.

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stillarockstar said...

I know EXACTLY who you're talking about! Zack & I had a convo about Him on the way home from Minnesota, LOL.

It'll catch up with him sometime & people notice...