Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm Not Dead

Okay, so sorry..kind of fell off the face of the blogging planet for a few days and I really don't have an excuse....well sorta..

Life has somehow managed to become just as busy as it has been for me the previous 3 years of my life; with classes, meetings, etc etc. etc. something I was thinking was finally NOT going to happen this semester. But I'm hoping it was a one-off week and things will get back to my "new" normal ASAP.

But anyway. yea. This week was legit crazy busy. between starting the internship-which has been fantastic. my normal weekly meetings w/ CAB and SGA. Plus a preliminary planning meeting for Campus Day (this really big campus wide event that happens every year). I had to go to 2 faculty meetings this last week, because a committe is now trying to pass some BS assesment program that would totally screw over the students. Then there was Board of trustees all day Friday. Annnnd that may be about it. ..but yea.. Wednesday I was literally in meetings,classes or other responsibility type things from 11am til about 10pm...

And usually I don't really mind, but this week it's just really bugged me and I was a cranky stress case most of the week and IDK why. It's nothing new, it's the way my life has been since pry about sophomore year, so i'm not sure why it was such a drain this week. i think it's because 1) i didnt really see it coming. I thought life was finally really calm and non busy and lazy and then BAM! I was on the go-go-go...and it threw me off...and then getting thrown off threw me off even more .because I was getting stressed and pissed that I was stressed and pissed....the same things happens with boy issues...I get upset, and then I get upset, I'm upset, because I have no reason to be upset to begin with (but boy issues currently..i'll explain in a few mins).

So yea..and then this week looks about to be the same. I have the "big" faculty meeting on Tuesday where they are going to attempt to vote on this proposed program, my normal 5 meeting Wednesday, and then the Iowa College Media Conference Thursday and Friday, some leadership retreat on Friday and Saturday, our 2nd annual Simpson's Got Talent on Saturday and then I THINK Sunday should be a rest day.

BUUUUT enough of me bitching about my schedule. I really do like it most of the time, its just a bit annoying at times.

In a boy update...Barista is still fantastic,ike amazingly fantastic.....i kinda feel like a dork when I talk about it..but its one of those, it just feels right type of relationships.haha.idk....i've just never actually had one,this is my first legit relationship ever and so its kinda scary, because I like the kid....alot......and so now its like, if for some stupid god forsaken reason things fail. It'll be rough,like I've said before, I'm a theatre kid @ heart SO I can get a bit dramatic specially when it comes to boys ask anyone I yea...but he's quickly climbing my favorite people list.And what's even better is the brothers like him too and they now threaten that they like him better than me....

(and by brothers I mean my fraternity brothers that mean the world to me and they're the people I'm closest to in my life, and their opinions are the ones that weigh the most)

So that gets him points....except when he joins in with them when they pick on me, which happens alot....

But yea..he's really cute.....and he's a slight dork..which I like...he's a graphic designer, and a video game nerd....which I know doesn't automatically qualify a person to be a dork, BUT he knows it...he self proclaims it actually...

But I digress...i'm turning into one of those people that raves about their boyfriend too much..someone I would pry normally want to punch in the face...and so I should pry shutup...but whatever.....and he's pry reading this too...and so I'd like to tell him he better not get a big head over this or I'll punch him ( well I'll probably have to have someone punch him, i've already tried and he's stronger than me :( )

but this blog is getting long and if you're attention span is as long as mine, you've probably already left the computer 3 different times to do other things or checked your facebook,twittered and maybe checked into 4square. So I shall peace out and hopefully get back to you a little sooner than this time!


Anonymous said...

This Barista of yours seems fabulous! hahah. I'm a theatre kid too. We're some of the greatest people on the face of this earth. Just thought you should know. (: I'm happy for you. I've just gotten out of a not-so-great relationship and I'm loving single-hood, although at the same time, I happen to have my eyes on an rediculously narcissistic yet undeniably lovable thespian.

Paul said...

Mr. Barista seems great for you! Congrats, Drew! I'm happy for ya!

Cheryl said...

okay, so i don't have time to read this whole blog right now because i'm 2 minutes late for a reading and saw that you were unread on my blog feeder and well duh, obviously i had to read, and first of all, I'm so glad you are having a good time with school and your internship and what not, BUT DON'T LEAVE THE BLOGOPSHERE; and two, I'm so happy that you and Barista are going well and that it's a feel good relationship because FEEL GOOD IS WHAT IT SHOULD BE.

Now I'm 4 minutes late.


Cheryl said...

i don't know why i put that in caps.

fuck.. 6minutes late.