Thursday, February 18, 2010

We'll have to pass for right now

Something happened to me for the first time today.

I got denied a job.

Yes, that's right.

As you may recall I had interviewed for a job on Tuesday. The interview was slightly awkward won't lie and at the end of it the interviewer told me.

"Well, I'm going to have you do a second interview with our general manager. I"m kinda on the fence about you still. You seem nice, but I didn't get enough 'sales' from you."

And then he proceeded to tell me how important add ons and "upgrades" are vital to making money when you're a server.

That was the first first. I had always "aced" interviews. And usually got the response "well, I like you. I think you'd be a good fit. Let me check your references and we'll get back to you." Or I was usually just hired then.

This was the first tim I was actually told . "welll.. IDK how I feel about you."

But he said he'd call Thursday and that I might not have to do the second interview and they might just hire me and give me a shot.

WELL, I got the cal ltoday, but instead of getting told they were just going to take a chance, I was told they "had decided to pass. But if I wanted to try again in 6 months I should."


And I apologize if I sound like some arrogant byotch. But honestly, I had never actually been denied a job. So it's a slight shot to my ego.

On top of that, I am a damn good server! I know how to be friendly, keep my cool under pressure and multitask. And so really, it's their loss not mine.

But still it sucks.

And now it kinda worries me.

Is this what I'm going to have to deal with in a few months, when I start looking at the real job market? Am I going to get told I wasn't agressive enough? Or that they're "just going to pass?"

Ugh. I'm not liking this right now.

What's funny is just Tuesday morning one of my professors was talking about the importance of selling ourselves. And how life is selling yourself and etc. etc. AND Then I get told that in my interview later that day.

So, turns out I need to be more agressive. That's always been something I've lacked on to begin with. It's not that I don't care. I just get awkward. And feel slightly douchey. And I don't want to be one of those people that's like that Jenn girl or whatever her name is from American Idol last week. Who got told she wasn't in the top 24 and proceeded to freak out and beg and swear she had it in her.

Nope, not my style.

So, now I have to figure my style out I spose. Become a liiiitle more agressive, but not freaky agressive.

ugh. this sucks. Maybe I'm not ready to grow up and look for jobs. Can I just stay in school forever?

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