Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I love you, but I don't have to like you

Sometimes I wonder if I really am a people person.

I like to think I enjoy meeting new people, interacting with people yada yada yada.. BUT there are times where I wonder.

For starters, in all reality, I'm not one to introduce myself to people. I'm horrible at it. I hate "making the first move". It's not that I think I'm some hottie-tottie who should be approached and not have to approach. It's that I always feel awkward doing it. If you come up to me and introduce yourself, I'll be friendly and nice. I just can't introduce myself. PLUS I'm horrible at small talk. HaTe It!

Then there's the fact that some people just annoy me. And I'm not talking about the people that annoy me all the time, the people I'm not friends with and the people that I'd rather just punch in the face and tell them to go away. No, those people don't count. They're already lost causes.

I'm talking about the people that I LOVE on some days and other days they annoy me, for no in particular reason. There's just something that bugs me about them at times and I'd prefer them to go away. It's usually a personality thing, but usually I just want to punch them in the face.......and I feel guilty. Because I have no reason to dislike them when I do. I just do.

I also think my age plays a factor. Especially on weekends. For example, we had a registered party last weekend and if I had the choice, I would've kicked out half the people there. Why?
Because it was either douchey athletes who think they're gods gift to campus. Or turboslut freshmen girls who think wearing short skirts and low tops is going to get them free alochol. AND it annoys me. ALOT. I don't get it. Even though I know I was probably somewhere in that mix 3 years ago.

But yea. that's my rant for the day. I don't like people as much as you think. In fact, there are days I just wish I could punch people and get away with it. I think it'd actually be healthier. Than just bottling it up.

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