Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm what?

In less than 12 hours I will officially be 21 years old! I've been more excited this last week than a 5 year old waiting for Christmas.

However, a sudden and disappointing thought hit me the other day, while I shared my excitement with co-workers; as I diligently folded clothes at unamed mass production retailer............I have no more exciting birthdays left ;(

If you think about it, during childhood and the early years every birthday is exciting. It means getting to bring treats to school, mom and dad letting you do what you want and cards and money from all your relatives. As you progress into your teen years these tends continue; with maybe the exception of treats at school, but you're birthday's are more "rewarding". On your 14th birthday you get your permit, your 16th you get your license. On your 17th birthday you can attend rated "R" movies on your own and at the ripe seemingly old age at the time of 18--you are an adult and get to vote,buy tobacco products and go to the strip club. And last but not least the big 2-1, where I no longer have to pay hobo's on the street to buy my booze. Where I can gamble and even rent a car....but now what?

From this point forward there are no more exciting birthdays. There's no more magical doors that open. From now own, I just get older and older and older. Seriously, no one I can think of looks forward to their 30th or 40th birthday. In college world, once you hit 22 or 23 in some cases, people start calling you old balls. None of these sound too fun.

And if you look at the bigger picture, outside of just aging, things don't get much brighter.

Currently, I have a dwindling economy to look forward to...which is great, seeing as in a year and a half I'm graduating from a private institution with an expected $30grand in debt. And companies seem to laying off,rather than prospects at paying off that debt in a quick and timely fashion, while also still affording life necesseities, like food,booze and clothes..doesn't seem too likely.

As we know, romance has tended to suck for Drew and with an increasing divorce rate currently at 50%, combined with laws like "Prop 8" my chances at not only finding love to begin with,but actually getting married if it does happen don't look too bright either.

And then there is the growing up thing. Having to live on my own. In my own apartment. Where I pay montly bills like utilities,rent, and health insurance. I don't know how to do that. Right now I pay my beginning of the year bill for Simpson and I'm set to go and when car insurance is due Dad calls and reminds me. I'm the worlds best procastinator with an added case of ADD how does someone expect me to remember to pay my rent,ultities,health insurance etc. on time. When I forget to pay dues for SAE when I'm still reminded weekly?

Plus there's cooking for myself! I've lived in SAE this last week and since no one's around there's no food and I've been lost. It's either been fast food or top ramen, and once when I felt fancy and bold I made spaghetti. I don't remember how to grocery shop for healthy things or cook. For the first 18 years of my life mom took care of that and I just had to open the refridgerator and things were there. Now, it's pretty much the same only its our steward or Sally buying the stuff and I can choose what I want. I don't know if I can handle having to fend for myself .

So, I'm almost 21...YAY!? But now I have to start thinking about being a grownup,getting a job, and taking care of myself? I don't know if it's worth it....but hey... I guess I can now just drink my problems away...

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Some of my latest Simpsonian work:

Op-Ed on Beauty Pageants

he said/she said's

The Tragic Part of My Life is that it Isn't

20 year old can smoke and die for Country

Really Drew....Really?

So, I officially suck at even half way attempting to keep up on the blog thing.

But whatever, I'm over it. But seeing thus, this post is a little bit of this a little bit of that etc.

It's hard to believe a semester is already over though. I only have a semester before I'm a senior and I am not at all excited. I refuse to grow up. Seriously, I know how clue to take care of myself. I still have meals cooked for me, I don't worry about rent or utilities and I definitally don't have a stupid 40 hour a week job. PLUS I don't like the idea of getting old. I have no clue what I'm going to do when I have a 8-5 and then im done for the day. Drew doesn't work that way!


Anyway. I'm stuck in a bit of a conondrum--sort of. I'm falling back into that state of mind which thinks I should try dating again.....which is stupid. Dating sucks. I stress out over it and it's no fun at all actually. Seriously. I think "okay, sure I'll go on a date with you" and then the day of I'm kicking myself in the ass wondering why I did. What do I wear? Where are we going? What if it's really awkward? What do I do if I don't like him and don't want to talk to him ever again? PLUS there's the times I end of having an attracting we hang out some more. I start think something will happen and then he decides he wants to be friends. THEN I get pissed at myself for being an idiot. It's just a lame game and I hate it. BUT for some reason, some part of my brain is trying to trick me into thinking its a good idea. And another part is kicking that part saying DON'T be stupid and then yet another part is saying, just do it and shutup. SO yea. And it's not like there's any potentials right now anyway. Last night was the first time I had been out in forever and I didn't talk to anyone besides people I already knew. I think it's the stupid Christmas season and thinking about presents and stupid movies like "Love Actually" and crap.

HOWEVER, I actually am excited for Christmas this year! Usually I'm the BAH HUMBUG type. But not this year. I'm excited! I like the decorations and the songs...for the most part. The songs get annoying when you work an 8 hour shift at the GAP and hear 5 different remixes of Jingle Bells. The snow hasn't even pissed me off yet, which is a huge thing. I still need to do the shopping thing though, but i know what I"m getting. It's just a matter of buying it.

HUGE NEWS: I turn 21 in precisly 11 days! And while I am completly stoaked, I also see the potentional for this becoming a really bad idea! I'm broke enough as it is. But now with my ability to go out/buy alcohol at my own disposal, things could get bad.....or awesome :) And I know that makes me sound like a complete alocholic. BUT I firmly believe that it is not possible to be an alcoholic in college :D

Umm..I'm sure there's other things that are new. However, I need to quit blogging and start studying for my final I have at 8am tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My most recent editorial

Being gay means more than just loving guys - Perspectives

This article has actually gotten alot of positive feedback, which always makes me feel good.

However, I was kinda disappointed no one had any negative anti-gay-esque comments to leave on the on-line version. Maybe society really is changing.

I have to laugh though. My picture for the article probably couldn't get any gayer :S.


Happy Reading!

Monday, September 29, 2008

my great work

So, I'm Lifestyles editor for the paper and I'm also writing for He Said/She said. Its great! It gives me a chance to be my sarcastic.bitcy.inappropriate self. Check out my work thus far. I'm kinda proud of it.

PS-these and more can be found at:

Dear Drew and Emily,My friend recently confessed to me that she has an STD. The thing is, she's still engaging in sexual activities and not telling any of the guys she's sleeping with. What do I do? I don't want to break my friend's trust, but I think what she's doing is wrong. HELP!

-Disease Louise

My response:

Like Janis says to Cadi in Mean Girls:"There are two kinds of evil people in this world. Those who do evil stuff, and those who see evil stuff being done, but don't try to stop it."I would call your friend girl number one and suggest you don't become girl number two. I know it's technically not cool to dish out secrets your friend has entrusted you with. But when the story is this juicy, you can't help but share the sweet gossipy nectar.If it makes you feel better, think of it as community service. By letting everyone know that your friend is possibly giving her little guy friends more than they bargained for, you're preventing them from having to deal with that dreaded three letter acronym later on.It may also answer some questions they have about recent "developments" they've had in their nether-regions.Furthermore, by you warning any possible victim, he'll be in great appreciation and will probably be willing to take you to dinner or a movie. If some crazy weekend night results, you'll have less to worry about and won't need to wonder if he caught it too.Now, if you don't want to "out" her right away you could always try bringing it up casually. Maybe make up a story about a girl you heard about doing the same thing another college and now she's in jail or people hate her or something. She'll get scared and stop.Or, is there anything of hers you like? Maybe a cute outfit you've always been jealous of?No, I'm not saying you blackmail her! That's illegal! I'm just saying that you barter, like in the old days, quid pro quo. She has something you want and you have something she wishes you didn't have. So you trade, even Steven.But, If these ideas sound a little too nice and you're actually are an evil person, all wrapped up in cold, hard shiny plastic, then I suggest you keep closer tabs on her. Then you'll at least know who to stay away from.

Dear Drew and Emily,I started dating a guy this summer and we really hit it off. We hung out a lot and talked everyday, and I could totally see myself falling in love with him.The issue is that he goes to school out of state and I'm here in Iowa.We agreed to try and make it work, but now that I'm back at Simpson I'm having second thoughts. I don't want to be worried about what he's doing all the time and I also don't want to miss out on anything while I'm here.So, what should I do? Do I try and keep things working, since I do like him. OR do I call it quits and see what Simpson has to offer?

Sincerely,Summer Lovin

My response:

First question, what year are you? Why? Because, if you're a freshman you really have no need to worry about not finding something after you break it off. There are plenty of upperclassmen that are dying to catch some fresh-meat. And if you're an upperclassman, there's a whole new batch of freshmen ripe for the picking.Secondly, are you a guy or girl? This matters. We all know the guys hate sleeping alone and if he's even remotely cute then I guarantee you he's already found a spooning partner and well, we all know that spooning leads to forking. But even if you're a girl, you can still follow my advice, because turns out, all men seem to have the spooning problem and little heter-romeo is probably doing the same thing.Either way, drop the boy like he's a hot tamale.For starters, you don't want to have to worry about "the morning after call." Like Shandi had to deal with on season two of America's Next Top Model. When she gets drunk, cheats on her boyfriend and wakes up the next morning to realize her terrible mistake. So she has to call her boyfriend, drowning in tears confessing and begging forgiveness. Yea, that's no fun for anyone.So keep it simple. No boyfriend means no cheating possibilities; you are free to make as many drunken mistakes as you want. Trust me I'm speaking from an all too recent experience.So it was easy to talk everyday and hang out at the arcade, just like little Sandy and Danny. But, now that you're both back at school you have plenty of other things to worry about, you said it yourself, you're having second thoughts.So have fun, be young and enjoy college.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trashy Tiquila Tuesday at it's finest

So this is a combined post..Today I wll be discussing the Jerry Springer inspired "Happy Hour" reunion special of Tila Tiquila and the new season of America's Best Dance Crew.

As one could have expected, plenty of drama ensued on the reunion of Tila Tiquila. We saw chairs flying, people trying to fight and lesbians making out. There were a few moments where I forgot what show I was watching and I couldn't help but thinking..scripted....jerry springer..what!?!

As his usual little jack-butt self... Jay was obnoxious and peddled backward when discussing his heart to heart and apology he made to Bo after Chad broke his chin...saying on the show originally..that it was a cheapt shot..but on the special..claiming he never said that... There was also a good verbal throw down between Laura? (the other Jers-ian) and Jay...which should embarras and decent human(if any)that happen to reside in the Garden State.

One semi-brief and decent moment I found was when Sabrina talked about getting kicked out of a baseball game because she was kissing her girlfriend and it was nice to see that they briefly talked about stupid people and their prejudice...of course we need to make attention and so Brittany makes out with her and says "THATS WHAT SHE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN KICKED OUT FOR!"

The trashiest moment of the night would have to be the big hublub scene between Bo and Chad( ps-they made him sit in a cage). With lots of yelling, security holding Bo Back and both stripping off their shirts and preparing for a fight...It disappointed me. It was a side of Bo that we hadn't really seen.However, it did lead to a one point Bo said "I have nothin to lose now" which led me to wonder... did he lose? Does he have nothing to lose because Tila won't get mad at him for being stupid because she chose Kristy?

The rest of the show was pretty uneventful and just highlighted things we already knew. Jay was a tool, Glitter cried too much and Chad was ridiculous.

Of course, the host asked Bo and Kristy who wins and they wouldn't spill the beans. So I guess we'll just have to tune in next week for the big finale.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's almost here

My apologies for the lack of a blog last week, when Tila was stupid and kicked off my absolute FAVORITE lesbian ever(next to my BFF that is) and sent Brittany packing.

The 3 contestants and Tila went on a mini-vaca to Cancun, Mexico-nice and trashy. I KNOW!

Where Tila had an individual date with each of them, and also more than likely slept with each of them. Which led me to the thought and question, on how many people this woman's probably had sex with over the course of the show!! And once again, REALLY!?! How could someone go on this show really hoping to find love WHEN you know she's also "falling in love" with 3 other people.

I give Kudos to the 3 contestants for bringing it up to Tila during a lunch. When Tila seemed to get a bit upset because they were holding back at times and not sharing emotions and they're like. "Well HELLO, we have a much greater chance of getting hurt. You'll have someone in the end no matter what. We might not." Which further supports my feelings that Tila is just an attention seeking whore.

Anyway. Now that Brittany is gone, I really don't care about who wins. Really, I'm glad that Brittany got kicked off. She could do much better, but it still sucks to see my favorite lose :(

Anyway, of course MTV had to prolong the suspense and tonights episode is a reunion with everyone back together and I am sure that drama,fights,and tears will ensue. Maybe this time Jay will balls up and punch Bo instead of bieng a pansy and just talking. And I wonder if Chad will apologize to Bo for breaking his jaw. AND I wonder what the two lesbians who got kicked off the first episode for making out with eachother will have to say for themselves.

Whats disappointing though, is that while I am very stoaked for next weeks finale. I'm pissed, BECAUSE I will be in South Dakota for family vacation!!!! Meaning, I am going to be a little on the behind on who won. Even though, after reading up on my spoiler alerts,its been leaked Kristy wins, we'll just have to see.

Anyway, thats my two cents on the two cent tiquila.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's about time

She finally did it.

He's gone and I'm elated.

Tila FINALLY took the drink away and Jay's shot at love is now over!

Last nights episode had Tila visiting the families of her final 4 contestants; Jay,Brittany,Kristy and Bo.

Tila visited Bo's hometown in Ohio and met his family, as well as a few of his football players (Bo's a HS football coach). It kind of seemed hokey and I had to wonder why only 4 members of Bo's football team got to talk to Tila. Did the rest actually hate him? Overall, Bo's visit for me was okay. It was cute and they seem to fit but it wasn't anything fantastic.

Kristy took Tila ice skating and they had a brief *tear* heart to heart moment. As Kristy confessed she regrets stopping ice skating and really wanting to go back to it. Kristy's family however seemed a bit po-dunk too and her aunt's hair looked like it belonged in a 90's trailer park. THey got a bit raunchy and we saw Tila spanking Kristy's dad and motorboating her aunt.

Brittany's date solidified her status as my favorite. She made Tila a card and gave her the most random dinner ever; texas pickles, white rice, fried chicken and grape soda-which Tila had said in weeks past were her favs. Brittany also showed Tila her baby album. All this was a new side of Brittany we hadn't really seen and I loved that Brittany also said "I'm not in love with her yet. But I'm definitally on my way there. We also met Brittany's roomate, BFF and dad (whom she was reunited with at the age of 16).

Finally, the most disturbing portion of the show was Jay's family visit. I was shocked to see that this white trash jersey boy actually came from good money. During the visit I felt like I was watching a fucked up soft core porn flick. With Jay's mom and step mom kissing. Tila giving Jay's dad a lap dance with giving his mom a kiss and the whole family passing Tila around the hot tub like a bottle of Andre, I did a little baby vomit in my mouth.

When it came time to eleminations I got nervous. It came down to Jay and Brittany and I vowed to not watch the rest of the season if Jay stayed. But Tila delivered the best line ever and sent Jay packing when she said "Jersey called and they want you back"

Naturally, the douche, whom 10 seconds earlier had been gushing about his love for Tila, turns around throws a hissy fit and breaks things, including scarring up his own hand when he punches a wall.

So, now its down to Bo, Kristy and Brittany as next week they battle it out in Cancun, Mexico.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A sick addiction

I admit it. I am a fan of Tila Tiquila. Please no judging.

While you'd assume I wouldn't like the show for a number of reasons:
1) I actually get quite annoyed with people who go on reality television and honestly believe they can find love, especially MTV
2) my personal views on "bisexuality"
3)because people on these shows usually annoy the hell out of me
4) Because, we have 3 seasons of Flavor or Love, multiple the bachelor and bachelorette's, and "SPLITSVILLE" ( and a second season of Tila Tiquila, YET people think that gay marriage would ruin the sanctity of marriage.

Regardless,I have succombed and now look forward to my Tila Tuesday's with my fellow conference staff members.

I admit I'm a late bloomer. I didn't watch the first season, due to my being out of the country, but I've managed to faithfully follow this season.

These next few episodes promise to be intense, with Tila visiting the final 4 contestants; Jay,Bo,Kristy and Brittany, families. It's getting down to the wire and I thought I'd offer my input on who Tila should pick.

For starters, I was greatly disappointed in Tila when she kicked off Lisa in last week's episode for being real and actually honest. Tila got a bit upset when Lisa told her she wasn't in love with her yet, because it was hard to fall in love with someone who was also dating 10 other people at the same time. *WHAT* someone real and Tila gave her the boot. In my opinion, this was a big mistake. I had picked Lisa as the only one stable and ready for a real relationship. With that said here is my analysis of the remaining contenders for Tila's heart.

Bo-To put it simly, Bo is way too good for Ms. Tiquila. I would venture to guess that Tila is more of a bottom shelf Tiquila and I see Bo with a nice top shelf, like Petron. A nice classy lady, with goals and ambition. I see him having cute little kids and a white picket fence. A scene I don't picture Tila desiring.

Jay-Jay's a tool!!! He's annoyed me since day 1 and I don't give a shit that he's from Jersey. I can see these two working out, just because they're both perfect MTV material.

Kristy-Kristy is a question mark in my book. I have a feeling she'll make it to the final 2 if not win, just because we haven't seen much of her all season. She seems pretty chill though. She's definitally attractive and doesn't seem like she's a big DQ or anything.

Brittany-Brittany has been my solid lesbian favorite all season. She's got that hot-semi-alternative type thing going on and I love her personality. However, I don't see her ready for a real relationship. I think her feelings are probably legit. But can see them fading in a few months and moving on.

So, at this point and minute if I had to pick someone, I would go with Jay. Even though I don't like him, I see a possibility of him and Tila working. Bo is too good, Brittany is too fun and young. and I can see Kirsty being with a guy (if you take a look at her bio on, she is actually a bi-sexual).

However, last time I checked I am not one to speak on sucessful relationships, so we could really probably take my opinions with a grain of salt.

I guess we'll just have to see.

Until next time.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Sun and Working Fun

So, I need to get back to blogging and summer is the perfect time with me having a job where I sit at a desk for 8 hours,filing and etc. I think I could manage.

I don't have a whole lot of time to get into a whole montage about whats gone down the past forever, but rest assured it has kept pace with my track record and I've stayed busy and have continued to have those stories occur in my life that writers couldn't even come up with.

This summer I'm sticking with the same job as previous, Summer Conferences, only this year I'm a student supervisor which = more $ and getting to semi-tell people what to do. I tried working at my new serving job on the side, but its not going to pan out :( This job is too "on call" and crazy scheduly. Which sucks because I LOVE the restuarunt I'm at. But i have been told I can most definitally come back in the fall.

I once again fail at the dating game in life. It's like a big oxy-moronic type ordeal. I"m definitally not out there looking for a boyfriend. I'm perfectly content being single. However, I manage to run into guys that made me think I should give it a shot and things'll turn out differently. BUT I'm always wrong. The most recent incident revolved around a kid I "saw" for a couple weeks back in April and I thought things were going great and then BOOM no more hearing from him. SO a month+ goes by. I decide to text him one day. i do. We start talking and he wants to hang out. Well, one night last week, I hang out with him and a couple of his friends, we have fun and J and I talk. He apologizes for being stupid and not talking, explains that he was scared. He liked me but has been hurt in the past .etc. etc. bla bla...I assure him I like him and am not that type of person. We had previously agreed to try and hang out on Monday if he didn't have to work, so I tell him to call if he can get together.WELL, no call/txt. SO I assume he'sworking. I text and say, "hope work was fun etc. etc" nothing back. I give him the benifit of the doubt and assume he was busy and forgot the text and text him midday Tuesday and say HI...nothing back. Now, I am assuming he's ignoring me or whatnot. So I quit. WELL, I decide yesterday to give him one more shot and text. NOTHING BACK! So yea, Its just lame and dumb and confused and I don't get how someone who has been so worried about getting hurt etc. can turn around and do that..whateves..over it..but yea, thats just another story.

but yea. I need to head off to work. BUT look for more blogging coming soon!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

When religion and business and marriage collide

An article I found on the website, discussed a New Mexico photogrpaher who was sued for not agreeing to take photos for a lesbian couples commitment ceremony. The photographer argued that she wouldn't take the job because it conflicted with her relgion. The couple sued and said Elaine Huguenin, the photographer violated the states Human Rights law and descriminated against them based on sexual orientation. The couple won and the photographer now has the pay for their trial and lawyer fees.

I have mixed emotions about this. One side of me argues with the ruling and I feel that she does have a right to say "NO, I don't want to take that job." After all, restaurants and other business always "reserve the right to refuse service" so why should this be any different.

However, on the flip side I agree. If Elaine expects to be sucessful and professional she has the be ready and willing to work with all sorts of diverse people. It's like with any job. You leave all your stress/problems etc. with home, lovers etc at the door and you do your job. Thats what this lady should do. She should put her religious beliefs on pause and do her job as a photographer.

To see the full article go to:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Multimedia grows

In a recent article on by Steve Myers, he talks about the continued development of multimedia journalists and how we still have a long way to go.

Myer talks about the recent National Press Photopgraphers Association awards and the judges comments on this competition.

The judges point out whats working (audio, pictures etc.) and what isn't (making things too flashy).

I think a reason for this good grasp of the concept but why we still need to grow is because its a developing process. Colleges and universities are beginning to understand how much of a need we have for journalists who can do it all and so they're beginning to teach those video practicum classes and the like ,rather than the cut and dry reporting like before.

I think that in 5 years, you won't even be considered if you can't shoot film,take pictures, write your story and edit all while drinking a starbucks latte.

Monday, March 31, 2008

In a recent article on, David L. Hudson Jr. writes about the attempts of congress to implement further restrictions on cable and satellite broadcasting.

Currently, the cable and satellite industry has little restrictions set on them and so they are more able to show violent and "inappropriate" materials.

While, I don't want to see people being gutted or gang riots on my cable channels I don't want to see these regulations taken too far.

The point in cable and satellite is to provide shows for people are more grown up and want to view more adult materials (and no, Im not referencing "adult videos "etc. )but simply stuff that I can relate to more than ABC morning cartoons or Will and Grace.

If we allow congress to regulate our cable and satellite, whats next? Are they going to want to make sure textbooks don't say too forward of things or novels from apporaching too sensitive of subjects. SO, while we should make sure its semi-tasteful I don't want to see my cable become just like my network tv.

Friday, March 21, 2008


The AP recently posted a story on the, talking about the recent case turned down by the supreme court in which a smoker in california was suing tobacco for their target marketing to teens. The court declined to hear the case because they said it was within the first ammendment and the company was fine.

Really people? If someone sued every company because they're ads targeting people. We would have moms suing Wal-Mart because they but everything from there. Woman suing Covergirl because they wear makeup all the time and only buy covergirl. We'd have men suing Budweiser because they bought a big giant horse and drink beer all the time.

People should be smart enough to know what ads are. YES, they are an attempt to get you to get their product and yes they target specific audiences, but if you're stupid enough to not ask questions and get their product, thats your own fault and you deserve what you get!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brett Favre-Inspirational to Journalism?

In a recent article on by Jacqui Banaszynski, she discusses how Brett Favre's football career and his moral and actions on and off the field can be put into a lesson book for the newsroom editor.

Personally, I have no clue. I don't think I have ever watched a single professional football game-let alot Brett Favre and how he has acted in the NFL.

But from reading her descriptions and reasoning, I agree.

I also think that while these ideas and rules or whatever you want to call them most definitally apply to the editor, I think alot can also apply to a staffer as well.

She talks about working with joy and how Favre loved his job. I think this is one that applies to everyone. If I was to go in as a writer LOVING the story I'm writing and loving the interviewing and everything, than my story is going to be better!

Take risks- I think this is more of a editor specific guideline. As an editor you need to take risks when deciding which stories to write. You shouldn't be afraid to write the story on the violent sorority president, even though you know you are going to get flack for it.

A big one I agree with is giving credit when its due, there is nothing better than hearing your editor say THANK YOU and GOOD JOB! Hearing this makes you want to keep working hard to get those compliments and those who don't get those compliments want to work hard so they can begin to hear them.

BUT there was one idea I didn't agree with. The idea that you should expect the best from your staff and nothing less. While in theory this is a good idea. The truth is you can't. You're going to have the writer that can't write or usually messes up quotes or interviews or gives incorrect info. So why should you expect something different and expect a better result, to only be disappointed?

Read the entire article at:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We still have the freedom speech...even if some people don't want to hear it.

In 2001, Novato High School senior, Andrew Smith wrote an editorial on "illegal immigrants" who weren't able to find work through legal routes and either ended up becoming drug dealers or doing manual labor in which they recieved pay in cash and under the table. The editorial was ran in the school's paper 'The Buzz'. Administration recieved complaints and the school said they were sorry and that the editorial didn't go with the school's policy and they tried to confiscate all remaining editions of that paper and ended up delaying the printing of another article written by Smith. Smith than challeneged the school where a local state court agreed with the school. Smith appealed to a 3-seat panel of the California Appeals Courts and won.

The court ruled that even though the article was written in distate and offensivly, Smith's voice was protected.

The story goes on to talk about more details and explains that following the suit, a discussion and debate of sorts was held, allowing both sides to talk on the issue of illegal immigration and in the end everyone ended up happy!

My thoughts on the story: I'm glad the Supreme court didn't hear the case and agreed with the final decision. I feel people get a little too upset when they don't hear what they won't and think that its wrong. I once had a friend verbally attack me last year because the Simpsonian had a pro-life ad insert in an edition of the paper. She told me she didn't "want to see that shit, if both sides weren't going to get a voice". I explained to her that it wasn't the view of "The Simp" but a paid ad and if she wanted to find a pro-choice company to pay for an insert in the Simp we could arrange that.

It just annoys me how so many people don't want to hear anything but their side of the story and even when they pretend to listen the other side. They're just listening and not hearing. They're not critically thinking about what people are actually saying.

Of course, the case of free speech always gets muddied in public school systems I think. There's additional tape sometimes and the overbearing parents who don't want their kids seeing real life before the age of 20.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Where's the middle man?

In his article "Hero or Victim: There's no other choices, Roy peter Clark talks about how in media a quadrapalegic or person in a wheel chair with diabilities is always either the victim or the hero and we never seem that as anything else.

Clark talks about his experience with his neighbor who was always seen as the "hero" in news stories in local media. He also talks about the case of Brian Sterner, who was dumped out of his wheelchair, onto the jailhouse floor by not only a woman, but a woman of color as well and while these are both not important in the story, theey make for an interesting twist on who the usual victim/perpertrator's are.

Clark points out that until the media starts portraying the disabled as something other than a hero or a victim, society won't change their views and I agree.

Once again, I refer back to my GRC class and how 90% of what people do,say,hear,feel,touch, whatever is impacted by the media. If in news stories and movies and tv shows we keep making the kid in a wheelchair the protaganist or the kid who no one likes, society is going to think only that. That disabled people are to either be hated and mde to feel awkward or that we should throw ourselves at their feet because they have such horrible lives.

I think disabilities should be dealt with like race and that its a big society thing...for the most part. Ovbiously there are very real physical differences that cause issues, but if a person in a wheelchair gets pissed when people feel bad for them or offer to help. Then they better not complain when it comes time to them needing pushed or something and no one does.

So, maybe someday we'll see a newstory where our focus is on John Doe who did something amazing and we interview a disabled person as the supporting detail and not the lede.

Monday, February 11, 2008

You're Fired

A recent story by the AP and ran by the Des Moines register talked about a local NBC affiliate in Davenport who laid off 12 employees, including the main weekend news anchor, causing the cancellation of its Saturday morning newscasts. The layoffs and cancellations have been attributed to debt and poor "advertising vunerability."

This article was interesting to read,especially after the talks I heard at the Iowa Newspaper Association/Iowa College Media Association conference.

Quite a few of the presenters spoke on how NOW is the exciting time to be a journalist with the field opening up and broadining, while the workshop I went to on broadcasting talked about how competitive the market is and how its getting even harder to find a job in broadcasting. It just makes me wonder, whether or not journalism is the way to go, if I want to eat more than just bread and top ramen.

The other question that came to mind when reading this article is, does this station really follow the big rule of journalism is having a loyalty to the reader? If they are cancelling 2 broadcasts (the 6:30 and 9am shows on Saturday's). What if something important happens Friday night and people can't find out about it until later on Saturday because this broadcast wasn't aired? It was just a thought.

To see the full artcile go to:

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't Shoot The Messenger

In a recent article by Roy Peter Clark on "" Clark discusses how the biggest and current threat to the media isn't a lack of newsworthy stories or events, but a growing feeling of biased towards the media from the public.

This conclusion came from a study done by the Sacred Heart University in Farifield, Connecticut.

In his article Clark discusses the reasons he believes the public has developed this bias along with the attacks the media has recieved from members of the public.

My first thoughts went back to early discussions we had in Beginning Newswriting and how 78% of the public believes the news media is biased, with tv leading the way. HOWEVER, the public also seems to trust television the most. Causing me to think the reason there is this distrust and baised against the media in thinking the media is biased in based on an uneducated and fickle readership. If John Doe reads an article talking mostly about the liberal agenda of the senate and Mr. Doe happens to be a conservative, than he's going to percieve the writer to be biased. Just because he doesn't agree.

While reading Clark's article I couldn't help but think back to recent discussions in my 'Gender,Race,and the Media' class and how really, the media is the one who decides pretty much everything society thinks about. Does this include how we look at the news.

For example, take a look at television shows and movies. Movies like ZOOLANDER or Thank You For Smoking-where the journalist is just out there to get herself ahead of the game or television shows like Law and Order where its the same thing. Pretty much any show, depicts journalists as people who are just out for themselves and this causes the public to gain a negative impression of the media THANKS to the media.

To see the whole article: