Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's about time

She finally did it.

He's gone and I'm elated.

Tila FINALLY took the drink away and Jay's shot at love is now over!

Last nights episode had Tila visiting the families of her final 4 contestants; Jay,Brittany,Kristy and Bo.

Tila visited Bo's hometown in Ohio and met his family, as well as a few of his football players (Bo's a HS football coach). It kind of seemed hokey and I had to wonder why only 4 members of Bo's football team got to talk to Tila. Did the rest actually hate him? Overall, Bo's visit for me was okay. It was cute and they seem to fit but it wasn't anything fantastic.

Kristy took Tila ice skating and they had a brief *tear* heart to heart moment. As Kristy confessed she regrets stopping ice skating and really wanting to go back to it. Kristy's family however seemed a bit po-dunk too and her aunt's hair looked like it belonged in a 90's trailer park. THey got a bit raunchy and we saw Tila spanking Kristy's dad and motorboating her aunt.

Brittany's date solidified her status as my favorite. She made Tila a card and gave her the most random dinner ever; texas pickles, white rice, fried chicken and grape soda-which Tila had said in weeks past were her favs. Brittany also showed Tila her baby album. All this was a new side of Brittany we hadn't really seen and I loved that Brittany also said "I'm not in love with her yet. But I'm definitally on my way there. We also met Brittany's roomate, BFF and dad (whom she was reunited with at the age of 16).

Finally, the most disturbing portion of the show was Jay's family visit. I was shocked to see that this white trash jersey boy actually came from good money. During the visit I felt like I was watching a fucked up soft core porn flick. With Jay's mom and step mom kissing. Tila giving Jay's dad a lap dance with giving his mom a kiss and the whole family passing Tila around the hot tub like a bottle of Andre, I did a little baby vomit in my mouth.

When it came time to eleminations I got nervous. It came down to Jay and Brittany and I vowed to not watch the rest of the season if Jay stayed. But Tila delivered the best line ever and sent Jay packing when she said "Jersey called and they want you back"

Naturally, the douche, whom 10 seconds earlier had been gushing about his love for Tila, turns around throws a hissy fit and breaks things, including scarring up his own hand when he punches a wall.

So, now its down to Bo, Kristy and Brittany as next week they battle it out in Cancun, Mexico.

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