Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trashy Tiquila Tuesday at it's finest

So this is a combined post..Today I wll be discussing the Jerry Springer inspired "Happy Hour" reunion special of Tila Tiquila and the new season of America's Best Dance Crew.

As one could have expected, plenty of drama ensued on the reunion of Tila Tiquila. We saw chairs flying, people trying to fight and lesbians making out. There were a few moments where I forgot what show I was watching and I couldn't help but thinking..scripted....jerry springer..what!?!

As his usual little jack-butt self... Jay was obnoxious and peddled backward when discussing his heart to heart and apology he made to Bo after Chad broke his chin...saying on the show originally..that it was a cheapt shot..but on the special..claiming he never said that... There was also a good verbal throw down between Laura? (the other Jers-ian) and Jay...which should embarras and decent human(if any)that happen to reside in the Garden State.

One semi-brief and decent moment I found was when Sabrina talked about getting kicked out of a baseball game because she was kissing her girlfriend and it was nice to see that they briefly talked about stupid people and their prejudice...of course we need to make attention and so Brittany makes out with her and says "THATS WHAT SHE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN KICKED OUT FOR!"

The trashiest moment of the night would have to be the big hublub scene between Bo and Chad( ps-they made him sit in a cage). With lots of yelling, security holding Bo Back and both stripping off their shirts and preparing for a fight...It disappointed me. It was a side of Bo that we hadn't really seen.However, it did lead to a one point Bo said "I have nothin to lose now" which led me to wonder... did he lose? Does he have nothing to lose because Tila won't get mad at him for being stupid because she chose Kristy?

The rest of the show was pretty uneventful and just highlighted things we already knew. Jay was a tool, Glitter cried too much and Chad was ridiculous.

Of course, the host asked Bo and Kristy who wins and they wouldn't spill the beans. So I guess we'll just have to tune in next week for the big finale.

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