Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Sun and Working Fun

So, I need to get back to blogging and summer is the perfect time with me having a job where I sit at a desk for 8 hours,filing and etc. I think I could manage.

I don't have a whole lot of time to get into a whole montage about whats gone down the past forever, but rest assured it has kept pace with my track record and I've stayed busy and have continued to have those stories occur in my life that writers couldn't even come up with.

This summer I'm sticking with the same job as previous, Summer Conferences, only this year I'm a student supervisor which = more $ and getting to semi-tell people what to do. I tried working at my new serving job on the side, but its not going to pan out :( This job is too "on call" and crazy scheduly. Which sucks because I LOVE the restuarunt I'm at. But i have been told I can most definitally come back in the fall.

I once again fail at the dating game in life. It's like a big oxy-moronic type ordeal. I"m definitally not out there looking for a boyfriend. I'm perfectly content being single. However, I manage to run into guys that made me think I should give it a shot and things'll turn out differently. BUT I'm always wrong. The most recent incident revolved around a kid I "saw" for a couple weeks back in April and I thought things were going great and then BOOM no more hearing from him. SO a month+ goes by. I decide to text him one day. i do. We start talking and he wants to hang out. Well, one night last week, I hang out with him and a couple of his friends, we have fun and J and I talk. He apologizes for being stupid and not talking, explains that he was scared. He liked me but has been hurt in the past .etc. etc. bla bla...I assure him I like him and am not that type of person. We had previously agreed to try and hang out on Monday if he didn't have to work, so I tell him to call if he can get together.WELL, no call/txt. SO I assume he'sworking. I text and say, "hope work was fun etc. etc" nothing back. I give him the benifit of the doubt and assume he was busy and forgot the text and text him midday Tuesday and say HI...nothing back. Now, I am assuming he's ignoring me or whatnot. So I quit. WELL, I decide yesterday to give him one more shot and text. NOTHING BACK! So yea, Its just lame and dumb and confused and I don't get how someone who has been so worried about getting hurt etc. can turn around and do that..whateves..over it..but yea, thats just another story.

but yea. I need to head off to work. BUT look for more blogging coming soon!


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