Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's almost here

My apologies for the lack of a blog last week, when Tila was stupid and kicked off my absolute FAVORITE lesbian ever(next to my BFF that is) and sent Brittany packing.

The 3 contestants and Tila went on a mini-vaca to Cancun, Mexico-nice and trashy. I KNOW!

Where Tila had an individual date with each of them, and also more than likely slept with each of them. Which led me to the thought and question, on how many people this woman's probably had sex with over the course of the show!! And once again, REALLY!?! How could someone go on this show really hoping to find love WHEN you know she's also "falling in love" with 3 other people.

I give Kudos to the 3 contestants for bringing it up to Tila during a lunch. When Tila seemed to get a bit upset because they were holding back at times and not sharing emotions and they're like. "Well HELLO, we have a much greater chance of getting hurt. You'll have someone in the end no matter what. We might not." Which further supports my feelings that Tila is just an attention seeking whore.

Anyway. Now that Brittany is gone, I really don't care about who wins. Really, I'm glad that Brittany got kicked off. She could do much better, but it still sucks to see my favorite lose :(

Anyway, of course MTV had to prolong the suspense and tonights episode is a reunion with everyone back together and I am sure that drama,fights,and tears will ensue. Maybe this time Jay will balls up and punch Bo instead of bieng a pansy and just talking. And I wonder if Chad will apologize to Bo for breaking his jaw. AND I wonder what the two lesbians who got kicked off the first episode for making out with eachother will have to say for themselves.

Whats disappointing though, is that while I am very stoaked for next weeks finale. I'm pissed, BECAUSE I will be in South Dakota for family vacation!!!! Meaning, I am going to be a little on the behind on who won. Even though, after reading up on my spoiler alerts,its been leaked Kristy wins, we'll just have to see.

Anyway, thats my two cents on the two cent tiquila.


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