Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm what?

In less than 12 hours I will officially be 21 years old! I've been more excited this last week than a 5 year old waiting for Christmas.

However, a sudden and disappointing thought hit me the other day, while I shared my excitement with co-workers; as I diligently folded clothes at unamed mass production retailer............I have no more exciting birthdays left ;(

If you think about it, during childhood and the early years every birthday is exciting. It means getting to bring treats to school, mom and dad letting you do what you want and cards and money from all your relatives. As you progress into your teen years these tends continue; with maybe the exception of treats at school, but you're birthday's are more "rewarding". On your 14th birthday you get your permit, your 16th you get your license. On your 17th birthday you can attend rated "R" movies on your own and at the ripe seemingly old age at the time of 18--you are an adult and get to vote,buy tobacco products and go to the strip club. And last but not least the big 2-1, where I no longer have to pay hobo's on the street to buy my booze. Where I can gamble and even rent a car....but now what?

From this point forward there are no more exciting birthdays. There's no more magical doors that open. From now own, I just get older and older and older. Seriously, no one I can think of looks forward to their 30th or 40th birthday. In college world, once you hit 22 or 23 in some cases, people start calling you old balls. None of these sound too fun.

And if you look at the bigger picture, outside of just aging, things don't get much brighter.

Currently, I have a dwindling economy to look forward to...which is great, seeing as in a year and a half I'm graduating from a private institution with an expected $30grand in debt. And companies seem to laying off,rather than prospects at paying off that debt in a quick and timely fashion, while also still affording life necesseities, like food,booze and clothes..doesn't seem too likely.

As we know, romance has tended to suck for Drew and with an increasing divorce rate currently at 50%, combined with laws like "Prop 8" my chances at not only finding love to begin with,but actually getting married if it does happen don't look too bright either.

And then there is the growing up thing. Having to live on my own. In my own apartment. Where I pay montly bills like utilities,rent, and health insurance. I don't know how to do that. Right now I pay my beginning of the year bill for Simpson and I'm set to go and when car insurance is due Dad calls and reminds me. I'm the worlds best procastinator with an added case of ADD how does someone expect me to remember to pay my rent,ultities,health insurance etc. on time. When I forget to pay dues for SAE when I'm still reminded weekly?

Plus there's cooking for myself! I've lived in SAE this last week and since no one's around there's no food and I've been lost. It's either been fast food or top ramen, and once when I felt fancy and bold I made spaghetti. I don't remember how to grocery shop for healthy things or cook. For the first 18 years of my life mom took care of that and I just had to open the refridgerator and things were there. Now, it's pretty much the same only its our steward or Sally buying the stuff and I can choose what I want. I don't know if I can handle having to fend for myself .

So, I'm almost 21...YAY!? But now I have to start thinking about being a grownup,getting a job, and taking care of myself? I don't know if it's worth it....but hey... I guess I can now just drink my problems away...

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Nicholas said...

Oh, Drew you might think at 21 life is over, but I am certain you will enjoy your 30th, 40th, etc. I am less than a year away from my 30th and every excited about it, way more than my 21st. I hope you had a great birthday!