Monday, March 31, 2008

In a recent article on, David L. Hudson Jr. writes about the attempts of congress to implement further restrictions on cable and satellite broadcasting.

Currently, the cable and satellite industry has little restrictions set on them and so they are more able to show violent and "inappropriate" materials.

While, I don't want to see people being gutted or gang riots on my cable channels I don't want to see these regulations taken too far.

The point in cable and satellite is to provide shows for people are more grown up and want to view more adult materials (and no, Im not referencing "adult videos "etc. )but simply stuff that I can relate to more than ABC morning cartoons or Will and Grace.

If we allow congress to regulate our cable and satellite, whats next? Are they going to want to make sure textbooks don't say too forward of things or novels from apporaching too sensitive of subjects. SO, while we should make sure its semi-tasteful I don't want to see my cable become just like my network tv.

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