Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take your sustainability and shove it, and I don't mean recycle it. I mean throw it away and let it rot in a landfill.

So, I support the whole going green movement as much as the next guy.

I recycle as best I can, I shut off the lights when I leave a room, WALK whenever possible, prefer paper over plastic and don't use bags from the grocery store whenever I can.

I believe that Global Warming is happening and that we could all work a little harder to "save the environment," but here's the deal. You can only push your sustainability agenda so far.

What do I mean?

Welllll, at SimpCo we have a handful of individuals who make manage to bring sustainability up EVERY chance they get and it's getting to the point where they make me want to burn styrofoam,use as MANY plastic sacks as I can and drive a hummer.

SGA heard over and over about this issue of "styrofoam cups in the grill and dining hall" and they're bad for the environment and bla bla bla. Everytime we heard this, we told them we'd look into it. We DID. We talked to the COLLEGE PRESIDENT about the issue, who told us he'd look into it as well and we let all of them know. But yet 2 days later we still get an e-mail sharing their concern as a result of reading the SGA minutes-which SAID we had brought it up to the president!!!

We're curently undergoing a change in the laundry facilities. SGA was informed of this decision and one of our little eco-warriors went off because the dryers weren't "energy star approved". WELL, turns out that's because energy stary dryers DO.NOT.EXIST!!

I do, I understand the importance of being green and doing those little things to help the environment. But that's exactly it. You have to pick your battles! I ASSURE you Simpson and SGA is doing what we can to help our school be green, but you have to remember it also means $$$ and time. And those aren't an endless resource either.

I give these eco-warriors KuDoS. I applaud them for being so passionate about an issue. I wish I could be more that way in an all honesty. And think more people could be. After all, it's the passionate that do change the world.......... However, I still have another suggestion.

Do more.

You come to us and say change the styrofoam cups, change the styrofoam cups, change the styrofoam cups but that's it. Do some leg work. RESEARCH, finds us facts and figures and numbers that show us why we should change, what it'll do for us and what the benifits really are. That's when the administration listens, trust me I know from experience!

And also, when you're in on SGA and in that meeting and you're pushing that Green agenda. Even if it is good for the school/environment/wildlife/whoever. The bigger question you need to remember, is this what your constituents want? DON'T FORGET, You're in that senator seat because of them. Yes, they've entrusted you with some responsibility that you'll know what needs talked about and you'll make the right choice. BUT you don't need to be pushing your own personal agenda everyweek, raising the same issue that we've heard the last 3 weeks. It's AnNoYiNg people and they're caring less and less.

So, yes. I agree. It's important to be green, it's important to do the little things to save the enviroment, but remember. We aren't captain planet, we can't canjoin 5 rings and make things happen. It takes time, money and people and these are some things that don't just come out of nowhere.


Cheryl said...

I've never supported the green movement. I've never unsupported the green movement either. I'll recycle when it's convenient to recycle, but I won't go out of my way to do it. I also won't change my ways just to "go green". I don't give a shit.
I'm also an asshole.
And one day karma will come around to kill me.
I'll probably die in an avalanche of styrofoam cups.

swayerm said...

God DAMN I need you to come make that speech to our freakin prome minister, seriously.
Australia makes 1.2% of the TOTAL of the world's greenhouse gas, yet this clown is all over the bandwagon making us spend millions of dollars on shit we don't need to change.

Anyway. Feel your pain.

DanCarver said...

HA HA HA, this is hilarious! It's easier for people to complain than it is do actually do something about it.