Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Greetings Friends,

Life has managed to continue,even back here in Iowa.

So far the transition hasn't been too hard. I'm not digging the cold weather, but I really have never liked winter and I miss being able to always have something to do or somewhere to go, no matter what time it is and now I'm beyond broke, so I'm living the life of a college student thats even poorer than poor.

However, its been great getting to catch up with all my pals and see familiar faces and I'm finally getting into the routine of things again. Its been so nice having NO responsibilties, no classes to go to, no papers to write and no tests to cram for. Which is something everyone else on campus can't say at the moment. I find it ironic that this week is known as "dead week" because there's not supposed to really be huge tests or papers due for students, so we can prepare for finals. Yet, it usually ends up being the most stressful and busy week of all, at least it was for me last year.

Anyway, I'm getting into the swing of things again. I had a CAB meeting today with Rich, Lindsey and Amanda and am getting excited to start cab things again, and I also got re-elected to Student Government, so when the new term starts I'll be on that again. So ,its getting pretty close to being just like old times :) I start working at Sports Page on Saturday which is exciting news because that = TIPS which =instant cash! Then hopefully I'll start GAP on Sunday.

I went up to Jordan Creek and applied and was lucky and interviewed like 10 minutes after I turned in my app. It was a pretty laid back interview and it turns out that the store manager(the girl who interviewed me) is a Simpson Graduate and distant cousins of some sort with one of my references!! But she was super friendly and said that she "technically had to do reference checks" but should expect a call on Thursday and she looked forward to seeing me at orientation on Sunday, so it sounds like its hopefully a job.

Its been so great just getting to bum around and visit everyone. I went to the basketball game tonight and got to see alot of friends I hadn't seen yet.

So, I've been told that Reverse Culture Shock is worse than original culture shock and I admit that I was a bit weary coming back. But really, I haven't had any problems. I remembered how to drive my car and use my cell phone and I knew to drive on the right side of the road. If anything the most noticable awkard change has been the money! American bills and coins are so much thinner and lighter than the money over there and thats actually been one of the main things I've noticed.

SOO, thats about it for now.

Hope all is well!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Drew,

How is it going? I don't blame you on the cold weather stuff. I don't like it either. It makes life more difficult with ice and wind. What mall are you working for GAP? Is it Jordan Creek? We will probably run into you over break. Have a great Christmas Drew. Barb