Sunday, December 2, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Greetings Friends,

So I've finally arrived back on campus and its been great catching up with all my friends!

We also had elections for SAE today and it took 5 hours,but it was so good seeing everyone again.

Its been not weird, which has made things weird though, when catching up with some friends. I went and visited my good friend Kathryn and we caught up on things and even though we were filling eachother in on the last 13 weeks of our lives, it felt like I had never been gone. So much for reverse culture shock,but I guess I haven't really been back in the real world yet. Just home and seeing friends, I'll wait and see what its like tomorrow.

I've only had the I HATE IOWA and WANT TO GO BACK TO LONDON moments a few times since arriving- once when I got off the plane and there was stupid snow and slush on the ground ( I HATE Winter!!) and then when I was sitting and realizing all the things I now need to get done for theatre!!

But I'm mostly glad to be back! It was nice actually getting ready in a real bathroom today and being able to fix some real food and yea. I enjoyed it.

This next week looks like it should be busy again and back to my Simpson normal.

I have a few different meetings: 1 with my SSS coordinator to talk about this last semester, 1 with $$ aide to talk about next semester,1 with the CAB advisers and my friend Amanda, who I'm going to be CAB co-presidents with to map out a few things, 1 with my old job to figure out when I can start again, and then several important lunch/dinner/catch up dates with friends!

So, thats roughly sorta the new things going on.

It's still hard to believe I'm back in Iowa though. When we left for the airport at 6:30am London time, it was sad and felt like there should have been fireworks or something going on. It just seemed a little too whateve, we're leaving.

But yea, For the time being I'm fine with being back in Iowa, we'll see how I feel when it starts to snow.


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