Sunday, December 30, 2007

Workin hard but playin Harder

The last couple of days have once again been nothing but work and I haven't minded. It'll be all worth it in the end,when I actually have money! I got my first paycheck from the GAP and it was alot more than I thought and so I was pretty flippin stoaked!

Sports Page has treated me pretty well too still. I had a few nights last week where I got shit on for tips, but its gotten better and I've rolled in some extra dough!

BUT I've decided,and i actually decided this a long time ago. But I think everyone should work in the retail and service industries at some point in their life. I think they'd become alot more appreciative and less stupid about thing then.

For example at GAP, for the most part people are enjoyable and great BUT on ocassion you get the stupid faces who tear through your clothes piles and have no regard for you and the hour you just spent meticulously refolding every shirt and carefully putting on the size sticker so that they all line up,one person looks through that pile and its ruined in 10 seconds! OR I was doing a run through of dressing rooms the other day, just making sure there weren't clothes etc in them and some woman had tried on probably 5 or 6 pairs of pants and literally stepped out of them and put the next pair on. SO, the dressing room floor is covered in crumpled up pants. It just really pissed me off, im like SERIOUSLY you couldn't take an extra 10 seconds and at least make sure its all in one pile? I was livid for awhile on that one.

Then there's waitering. Once again, I've only had the table from hell on ocassion. But people need to remember that its not always your servers fault and sometimes the kitchen messes up. For example, I had these two older ladies one day and I had already been warned they were fun to deal with. SO, I made sure I got everything perfect foem. I put in their order-double check it and know its correct. So, im walking through my section and they flag me down,waving taheir arms in the air and the whole bit. So I walk over and ask how I can help and the lady says "Didn't you understand I wanted this medium well, this is too pink" So I force a smile and apologize and take it back to the kitchen. The thing is, see I had put in the order right it was the kitchen who fucked up. What did they want me to do? Cut into their steak to make sure it was cooked right?

So yea, people can upset me at times.

On other more juicy notes.

Once again, my life had a pretty interesting event occur.

So, I'm out at the club on Friday night,standing there chit chatting with my friends when this guy approaches me and says "ANDREW", and gives me this expectant look like I should know him. At first I have no clue who he is and he could probably tell by the bitchy look I gave him and the awkward HI response I gave. But a few seconds later it dawned on me and the guy was my babysitter from back when I was like 11!! He was a senior when I was in 8th grade, so we're only like 5 years apart,don't worry.

The thing is my friends, I have had a mad crush on this kid since he babysat me. Naturally, not the whole time seeing I haven't seen him for 5ish years. So we chatted and he had to go back to his pool game, but told me I better go talk to him more. So, I did and yea, it was great and now hopefully we're going out to lunch or dinner sometime this week!

But 4 real, who freakin' sees their old babysitter at the gay bar?!?Let alone one you had a crush on and he turns around and flirts with you!?

Turns out GK and J are officially dating. How do I know? I ran into them last night at the bar and was talking to GK and he said "yea, we almost broke up last night" and told me the story on why. So, I guess I'm not too bitter. Turns out I was just an involuntary one-off match maker.

ALSO 1 and I kinda talked last night. He had texted me and told me he was out at another club in DSM and I was like "yea, don't care" and ignored the text. It was getting close to closing time at bar and he gave me a call and i couldnt hear him and my phone kept cutting out. But the next thing I know, my good friend CC who I hadn't seen in forever runs up and gives me a hug and we chat, then 4 mins later, 1 comes running at me and gives me a hug and etc .etc.

SO I vamoose, I didn't want to be around him at the bar. So, I tell my friend LJ im outie and she walked with me cuz she was ready to go too.

So, im driving home and get a call from 1, and he was right behind me and he asks why im being so mean to him, why i ignored his text, bla bla bla. and I tell him that he's been the mean one not me. But we ended up chatting for awhile back in Indianola and it was was nice,but he kept saying I was being mean and grumpy at him and so I was minorly confused. I'm like WTF, you've treated ME like shit the last 6 months, not the other way around my friend!!!

He also made a few random comments and asked a couple of questions and I was just like..are you sure you're over me/us? Cuz why would you care or say that?

BUUT I think thats about it for the Drew life. For the time being at least.


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