Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last night I lost my V-Card

So, as per usual. I drifted away from blogging and it has been a good 3 months since my last post.

And I really don't want to try and re think and fill you in on all the great happenings of the past 3 months; the stupid class projects for stagecraft, the job I thought I loved and now left, the car getting wrecked another 2 times and etc. So I'll just begin with some recent events.

As the title of the blog foreshadows, I lost my v-card last night. And no, I don't mean the romantic type v-card. Psh, I lost that awhile ago. I lost my concert v-card. Yep, true story. Up until last night i had never been to a legitimate concert. While I've enjoyed most of the music I've heard at NACA and our CAB events, I really don't consider them to be real life concerts. It was a fun time. About 8 of us took a drive out to Omaha to see a group called "Jukebox the ghost". They first saw them when they opened for Ben Fold when he was in Des Moines back in March. They're a fun energetic alternative band and have some pretty interesting songs. So, I'm glad I was able to give my v-card to such a deserving band.

In other news

It's currently May Term and I am ABSOLUTLY loving it! It's been an amazing great time. The weather could be a bit more cooperative and someone needs to twitter mother nature and let her know that she needs to make it nice. But today is a gorgeous day and so I'm happy. We played some mud volleyball earlier and it was great, sloshing around in a big pile of dirt and water.

And there's actually no new boy drama or news. I've been pretty tame and have been doing my best to avoid that whole scene and it is working out for me!

ANNNND you're pry wondering how I did with those new years resolutions I talked about in my last post.

HAHA, well obvi I have failed at blogging regularly. But I've actually done a somewhat decent job on the J&S gossip front. I bitch and gossip about them on ocassion, when good shit comes up. BUT for the most part I've taken the "eh you bore me" approach. AND I have definitally failed at the working out thing and am beginning to accept that working out will probably be something I will always fail at. At first the issue was I didn't have the time, but now it's May Term and I definitally have the time. I'm just lacking the will. BUT I still want to attempt at some point, we'll just see when that actually occurs.

Anyway. We'll stop there. hpefully, and know I've said this a million times. But I can get back into blogging and such.we'll see.

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stillarockstar said...

YAY, I'm GLAD you're back BUDDY! :D By the way, I think it's GREAT you're not wasting your time on the J&S subject...I've noticed S has CHANGED & it doesn't seem like for the best. :( It sounds like you've had quite the eventful last few months! I hope the rest of your May Term RoCkS & your summer RoCks HARDER...I'll be reading... ;)