Monday, October 8, 2007

The European tour begins

Greetings Friends,

WOW Fall Break has already been amazing and it has only been 3 days!

We left the flat on Thursday night, and planned on sleeping in the airport so we could catch our EARLY flight to Munich.WELL we get there and they tell us the airport is closed.SO we ended up sleeping in the train station type area for 5 hours, it was definitally the experience. Some kindly older gentleman asked us if we were okay and brought us water while we were sleeping.

Our flights went great and we arrived in Munich Friday afternoon. It was culture shock right away. Being somewhere where English is the second language it gets minorly frustrating at times. So, we trekked alittle and found the "hostel" we were staying at. Its called Weis'n'camp and was just a big football type field with rows and rows of tents. So, I dont go camping at home, but i had to turn around and do it on fall break in Germany. It wasn't too bad though.

We decided to go and explore Oktoberfest and see what it was all about and once again MAJOR culture shock! All the signs were in German, everyone was speaking German, the menus at the food tents were in German and it was just crazy. Luckily people everywhere spoke english so it wasnt too difficult. We waited in line for 3 hours to get inside one of the tents that had a band and it was ridiculous. People were cram jammed against eachother in line and it was insane but after we got inside it was so worth it. People were everywhere singing and cheering and dancing and O to the MG it was great!!

That was what we did Saturday and Sunday too, just hung around Oktoberfest. Its actually alot like the state fair. It has food everywhere and rides and games and fun houses and it was just a really neat experience. Because people from all over where there. We made friends with people from: Russia,Holland, Italy, Germany and of course we found some fellow Americans!

This morning we woke up early :( and caught our flight to Venice. The security people were ridiculous and very thorough and it was minorly annyoing. BUT reassuring at the same time.

So, yea, we've been in Venice for about a couple hours now and are trying to find a hostel for the next two days. Its so beautiful though!! With the canals everywhere and the buildings and the weather is FANTASTIC!!!

So, that minorly brings you up to speed on our tour of europe. I'll try and give more detail at some point,but im on a time strain :(

OH, and if you're reading this Mommy, sorry I haven't e-mailed BUT this is the first time I've been on a computer and it wont let me access my e-mail!

Hope all is well for everyone!



mustang_s45 said...

Thank god beer is a universal lauguage. Have fun in Italy. s

Jamie said...

Sounds like you are having a great time, Drew!!! I hope you find a hostel in Venice! When I was there, we stayed at a place on Guidecca (the little island across the water from the main island!).

ilangutman said...

Hi Drew,

I can see that you stayed at 'Weis'n camp' - would you recommend it (a friend and I are going to Oktoberfest this year)? Were there lockers to store your bags? If not, how did you keep your valuables safe?