Monday, October 29, 2007

Random thoughts of Consciencenous

Greetings Friends,

London continues to be amazing, just in case you were wondering.

After I left you and went to the premiere we saw Christian Bale and got his autograph and he even personalized every autograph and asked who it was for! When it was finished Chelsea and I snagged the movie posters they hung up on the fence things,so now I have another souviner from the movie. Which-PS we went to today and it was FABULOUS! It follows the life of Bob Dylan, only it does it bouncing back from past to future to the "6 different" stages of his life, which is played by 6 different actors; including: Richard Gere, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and the amazing Cate Blanchett. The cineamatography and music was amazing!

But rewind to Sunday. Meghan,Emily and I went to the Spittalfield market. It was a nice change and had alot of booths that were ran by fashion type designers who made bags and jewlery and cute shirts and etc. along with interesting clocks,home furniture etc.

After the market,we met up with Chelsea at the tubestop and went to Greenwich for the afternoon. Where we walked around another market,that was actually alot like the Spittalfield one. We then went and had lunch at a mexican restaurant, one of maybe two I have seen over here and then we went to the Prime Meridian and had to trekk up quite possibly the worlds largest hill ever. Meghan thought it would be a good idea to take a picture with our heads on the line and so we had to lie down,which would have been fine any other time. EXCEPT for the fact that it had rained and so the ground was nice and wet and a bit muddy.

Today I finally got the chance to sleep in and then we went to the premiere.

After the premiere we've just sat around,trying to study for our English mid-term tomorrow :S

OKAY, so we're caught up on London things. Now we're switching gears for a bit.

As, I am a theatre major, who has been self diagnosed with ADD and has the inability to focus on one certain issue for more than 2 minutes and during those 2 minutes is usually thinking about something else entirely already. OR can easily switch topics because one sentence or word will remind of him something and so then he starts thinking about that and then that switches to something else and then he can't even remember the original line of thought and then...oh, wait...see what I mean. Anyway, along with that. I also have alot of thinking time when I'm on the tube or walking to class, my brain tends to wander and think about things and I thought I'd finally thought those things escape the confines of my mind and let them breath, along with making room in my head for the new thoughts will be sure to pop up, probably by the time this blog is finished.

One recent thought I've pondered is why are the most cliche things and sayings we hear all the time so true? You always hear someone say "Well, its really cliche BUT __________" and the like, but the thing is ,they're so cliche and people use them so often because they are in fact either true, or the easiest way to describe something.
For example: "everything happens for a reason", you hear it so often and sometimes it gets annoying because you never know when you're going to realize why something happened until maybe 4 or 5 months later and the whole time your spent waiting to realize why it happened and then you finally do.

Along those lines and this is a bit of a more philisophical type question.

When you go through a hard time in your life and do your best to hold out for the best and have a gut feeling that everything WILL in fact be okay. Do you think that your gut feeling is actually correct? OR is it possible that you just tell yourself that everything will be okay because your one those "oh so romantic-theatre major-everything should be the like movies-i see the glass as half full" type thinkers and it actually won't be? Granted, this is actually alot of more complicated than how I just wrote it,but it captures the essence of the thought. But really, which stream of consciencenous is correct?

Okay, so thats really all I have for thoughts right now. Turns out, my ADD kicked in and as soon as I started talking about these other issues, the ones I had also thought about got lost in the mix and now they're gone. Don't worry though, I'm sure they'll pop up soon.

Anyway,hope all is well!


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mustang_s45 said...

Welcome to my world of racing thoughts..."focus" is someone else's word to live by...karma, what will be will be, but you get what you ask for, or you don't...s