Friday, November 2, 2007

Cram Session

Greetings Friends,

Tuesday we took our first mid-term of the semester in English and it actually didn't go that bad, at least that's I'm hoping. I feel like I knew what I was talking about, but I could most definitally be wrong.

After class, I went and got a haircut, FINALLY! I was getting a lil too long and poofy and it wasn't fun. I found an advert in "The Metro" for a FREE HAIRCUT if you go to Toni&Guy Academy,which is one of those beauty schools. WELL, turns out its a big to do, when they do this. I walked in and checked in and then they lined me up with all these other people who were getting their haircut as well and they went down the line and asked "what we wanted done with our hair" before parading upstairs to get little smock things put on us. After that, we were given to one of the students who sat us in a chair and looked at our hair and played with it before decided what they were going to do. THEN they would grab their teacher and check with them to make sure its okay. Then I was moved to get my hair washed and then sat back down in front of a mirror. All in all, it took 2 and half hours to get my hair cut! BECAUSE the girl would cut some, then have to get her teacher to check and make sure its right and then he would show her what to do next and it just went like that. BUT I got my haircut and I'm happy with it!

After the haircut I went over to "503" and helped out a bit, got trained on front of house and got to see new show they're doing (which was AMAZING). I also got to meet the writer of the show and a few more of the people who work at the theatre.

Wednesday was art class and we learned more about the Bloomsbury Group and then we had a meeting with Housing Justice for service learning. After that, we went back to the flat and got ready for our Halloween BASH that we had in the backyard! It was fun!!

Thursday, was class and more theatre 503, Chelsea and I were sent out to distribute little flyers advertising the show. Lizzie(the general mang) of the theatre,wanted us to put them in the mail slots of all the buildings,but Chelsea and I felt awkward doing that when we saw the signs that said "NO JUNK MAIL" and also since we felt like we were in the ghetto and people probably couldn't afford to go to the show anyway. So, we walked a bit and then found some places to distribute the flyers.

Then we went to the Closing Night GALA for the Film Festival and this time we got our picture taken w/ Adrian Brody and Jason Schwartzman,PLUS the sweet BFI posters!

Today, Meghan and I are getting dressed up all nice like and heading to Oxford Street to look at all the things we can't afford! It should be fun!


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