Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paris Here I Come

Greetings Friends,

I hope this blog finds you well! And of course, things are just grand for me!!

It's been another fun-filled busy week, here on Earl's Court Road.

Monday we took a day trip to Oxford with the whole Simpson London group, it was an okay time. A little bit too cold for my liking. We had some delicious latin food at a place called "Las Iguanas" and then spent most of our time in a coffee shop doing homework, or in my case,taking a nap. Then that night Chelsea,Dana and I went and saw HAIRSPRAY (the theatre version,not movie version) and it was AMAZING! I ♥'d it !

Tuesday was class again and we started our intellectual conversation on Mrs. Dalloway,the final book we're reading for class. It's a pretty interesting book, I enjoy it.

Wednesday we had art class and learned more about Pop Art and then entered the diffiicult to understand realm of "minimalism", and looked at some artwork that included: giant mirrored boxes,a big painting in 3 shades of black, and a pile of bricks. However, I accidentially zoned out for some of the lecture, because I got distracted by another painting or something, I can't remember.

TODAY is class again, then I need to pack for my weekend trip to Paris!!! I'm just a little bit excited,since this is the city I've been wanting to see since FOREVER. I'm taking a bus and a ferry there and it was only lik 40pounds! So, I'll let you know how that goes!

The weather is still chilly here,but luckily it hasn't reached unbearable potential yet!

I also really need to do laundry again, and I've been saying that for too long,but its just such hard work and the stupid dryers suck and UGH.

Anywhom, I think that covers the London news.

Stay tuned for more exciting blogging adventures.



Anonymous said...

Hi Drew,

Who is going to Paris with you? Glad you have the trip planned. I would hate for you to be so close and not go. Love the blog. I hope to see pictures of Drew and friends in Paris.


DREW said...

Drew is going to Paris by himself,but it should be fun. I'm excited!

Don't worry, I'll be safe and etc!