Saturday, November 10, 2007


Greetings Friends,

FINALLY, here are the photos you have been eargerly waiting for!

Photos from the weekends,the Film Festival, and etc.

London is still GREAT and FAnTaSTIC.

We went to the movie, Good Luck Chuck tonight and it is AbSOLUTLY HALARIOUS!!!

Hope all is well!



Anonymous said...

Hi Drew,

I enjoyed the new pictures. And you know the blogs are always a big hit with us. I think we are going to name the new dog Remington, or Rueger. So Remmy, or Rueger. I am not sure how to spell Rueger either. But the main thing is will he come to his new name? We will let you know. He is still on a short leash because we don't know him yet. Thanks for keeping us so well informed Drew.


mustang_s45 said...

Thanks for the them especially the black and does Chelsea always get so close to the celebs???...hope you are winning the blog-hit contest..keep up the rhetoric!! sally

Anonymous said...

Drew, did you get to see Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt yesterday? We saw that they were in London for a preview. The new dog has things moving around here in the morning.
He likes to eat kitty litter and then he gets it all over the house. We will have to work on that.

Sara - Admissions said...

Hi Drew!

Simpson misses you & can't wait to have your wonderful-ness back on campus soon!--However, that does mean you'll have to leave London--but just know that London NEVER leaves you.

Do you feel different?

Your blogs & photos have brought London back to my heart!