Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm ready

Greetings Friends,
WELL, its finally hit me. Only it didn't really HIT ME. It wasn't one of those smack in the face-I suddenly see and realize type of moments. More of a gradual, realization and understanding. Something that was slowly developing and then you realize it,but its not really a shock because you knew it was coming, you just didn't know when it'd finally happen. Well, that moment happened to me today.

I realized, I'm ready for home. *collective gasp here* Yes, folks, I am finally ready to head home. NO, I"m not like GET ME THE HECK OUT OF LONDON ready. But more, I think I've finally done everything that I could possibly do during my time here - quit while you're ahead and still have some money to your name - accept fate and wave the white flag-ready.

I'm ready to head home and see the family and play with the family dog, well until she gets annoying and I have to tell her to sit down and leave me alone, which actually probably take only 5 minutes. Yes, I love Patches(our dog) but she can get a bit needy for attention,especially when you're gone for long periods of time.

I'm ready to drive my car and see pastures and fields and sky.

I'm ready to walk across the campus of Simpson College and know 90% of the people I walk by, and that when I walk, I won't be busy dodging,ducking,dipping,diving and dodging, my way around people with canes,small crazy children, suitcases,shopping bags,tourists,beggars or street vendors, but actually have space, my one 1ft diameter on everyside of me. Something that I have forgotten what its like to have.

I'm ready to have some of Sally's cooking down at the SAE house and I'm most definitally ready to see all my brothers again and stay up till 2 talking and watching bad MTV shows.

I'm ready to get normal tv, stations I like and not having to play with an antenna to get the picture to at least stay solid,even if its in black and white.

I'm ready for CAB meetings, SAE chapter meetings, 2 dollar movies on the weekends;along with midnight breakfast, chicken nuggets in the grill and muscians, basketball games, sledding behind LXA and next to Pote, and the 10million other things that makes Simpson home.

I came to my realization today, when for the 20th time, I thought to myself. " You know, I'm ready to go back home so I can __{insert any of the previous statements here}___.
And how I often I thought of friends today and my insides got all giddy and I knew that it would be super soon and I would be seeing them again.

So, London, my love, my pet, buddy ol pal, friend of mine. We've had a good run. We had our good times and our bad times and I know that these next 4 days will still be full of plenty more goodtimes. BUT, I'm ready to go back to the states, to Iowa, to Melcher, to home.

Don't worry though, I already miss you.


Anonymous said...

That's the spirit Drew... Go With It.

See you Saturday.


mustang_s45 said...

Safe trip home...thanks for being my travel guide through London, and all the great photos...sally

Jamie said...

I can't believe you have already been gone for an entire semester. It has gone extremely quick around here. I can't wait to see your pictures--We have to plan the London night!! Travel safely!