Friday, November 9, 2007

SO, Barb told me I had to blog some more!

Greetings Friends,

So its already been a few days since I've blogged, and I deeply apologize.

Once again though, not too much has gone on.

Tuesday was class and we got our exams back and I did pretty well, I'm content with how I did.

Wednesday was art class and the service learning mid-term, its funny to think that I'm actually taking mid-terms just 3 weeks before I leave, and about a month after everyone back home. It was a little scary but I think I held my own against it....hopefully :S

Thursday was class and all that fun stuff again, so yea, not a too exciting week for me.

Wednesday, Chelsea,Anne and I went to RENT 'remixed' at Dukes of York and it was AMAZING! We got 2nd row seats for only 20pounds! And if you're wondering how RENT remixed differs from RENT, its exactly the same except they worked with Kylie Minouge's musical director and uptempo-ed the songs and it was neat. One of my favorite songs "Today for You" that Angel sings was escpecially neat. My theatre nerd came out again though and the 3 of us also critiqued the set and lighting designs and they were pretty amazing, with rotating gobo's, smoke and flashy lights! I give mad props to the lighting designer and stage manager, except I did notice a few lightings things they should have fixed, in my expert theatre Simpson light crew opinion anyway.

Today has been another lazy day and i've sat around and watched movies, the current favorite is "John Tucker Must Die"!

Its also been getting chillier the last couple of days :( Which is getting to be a pain, but luckily it hasn't been too bad!:)

So, the harsh reality hit me again today, we only have 3 weeks left here!! It's so crazy to think that a whole semester has already gone by!!

Hope all is well for you!


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