Monday, November 19, 2007

Just to Recap

Greetings Friends,

So, as much as I hate to think about it and admit it, there are only 11 days left in this beautiful relationship full of love,and understanding, of give and take, a relationship that has led to amazing nights and wonderful day after wonderful day.

I am of course, talking about the blissful relationship that exists between myself and the city of London.

So, as our time draws to a close I thought today about all the AMAZING things I've done since I've been in this city and thought I'd share.

London and I didn't waste anytime getting to know eachother, our first week together we
-took a bus tour of the city
-roamed the corridors and exhibits of the British Museum
-admired the paintings in the National Gallery
-Saw a show together "In Celebration"
-and had our first star sighting-Orlando Bloom
-Walked where great men have walked in the colleges of Cambridge
-explored the Burrough Market

At this point I could already tell the city and I were hitting it off just great, we continued going steady. We went and viewed the artwork at the Cortauld Gallery and discovered (okay,so we really just looked at the displays,someone else discovered them) ancient scrolls in the British Library. We walked amongst the gorgeous gardens and hedge maze of Hampton Court,took in a glorious view of the city from the top of St. Paul's and had an edu-taining(thats educational and entertaining) experience at the London Dungeon.

We ventured out and realized that the Camden Market is a bit scary while the Portabello Road Market is busy and crazy. We had a few rough patches here and there at times though and wasted it at the Museum of London,but had our eyes opened a little wider when we went to the Imperial War Museum. London taught me about her past when I visted National Parliment and nearly bored me to tears when I walked through Westminster Abby. London took me to see her prized possesions at the Tower of London and introduced me to some of her great musical theatre by showing me Chicago and Wicked; as well as showing me the former home of the bard himself, the Globe Theatre. Together we found out about the amazing food and drinks at "The Rocket" and the glorious heart beating adventures that Thorpe Park had to offer. London introduced me to one of her favorite gameshows, Golden Balls,when I sat in the studio audience and I also discovered one of my now favorite museums, the Tate Modern.

All of these were great experiences, that only strengthed the bond that had developed between London and I, and the best part, it was all in the first month!

Now,even though things were going great and we had done all these marvelous adventures, and also discovered the amazingness of Picadilly Circus, the club life and so much more, London and I decided we didn't want to rush things and took a break, while I toured Europe.

During my time away from London I celebreated Oktoberfest in Munich,walked the canals of Venice, roamed the streets of Rome,where I saw the colesseum and ruins of ancient Rome, I pit stopped in Milan, flounced around in Florence and tasted delicious chocolates in Brussels. However, my time away,however glorious, made me realize how much I appreciated dear ol London.

Upon my arrival I visited the London Film Festival and became besties with Tom Cruise, John Cusack, Christian Bale, Adrian Broday and Jason Schwarzman. Saw the premiere of a glorious movie called "I'm Not There" and began my work at Theatre 503,where I saw "The Last Shot".

Still creating more memories, London and I continued to discover more together and I visited Greenwich Village, continued to walk and discover the city and soaked up every minute of my life with London.

Before you knew it, November was upon us, like a black cloud. But we haven't let that stop us and we've seen Oxford, RENT, and Hairspray. We've continued to hit the clubs,enjoy the food and have our fun on the tube, and most recently I took a little time to myself and went to Paris and tonight I saw CaBaReT.

And,thats where we are now.


All of these wonderful memories are only the ones I've written down and even then its just the icing on the layers of cake and sweetness that has been my time with London. Telling you that I've seen over 20 different landmark sites in the city of London, watched 9 theatre performances, and toured 8 cities doesn't give you the details and stories I've created while here. There is no way I can ever fully describe for you the depth of my relationship with this city and the love that we share, and can only tell you that it is quite magnificent.

It doesn't tell you how I've grown as a person, the bad habits I've dropped, the quirks I've changed or the outlooks I've developed, but I bet you'll be able to tell when you see me.

BUT, my times not over,the fat lady hasn't sung and the last ship is still in port, so I'm going to take these next 11 days and make them glorious,wonderful,exciting and grand and 11 of the greatest days of my life!

But before I do, I just to let London know, that I love him, and she'll always have a place in my


mustang_s45 said...

Hi Drew, glad you had a great time in Paris...loved the photos...visited Simpson last week, it was cold and blustery!!Hard to believe you guys will be back soon! Have fun this week showing Nathan around London! sally

Jamie O. said...

Even though London used to be my significant other, and even though I spend most days and many nights longing for London's comfort, I am glad you are enjoying the company. I'll be here to get you through after London breaks your heart and sends you home :)

You should see it here today--its foggy and misty and cool, and if I didn't know any better I'd think I was on the bank of the Thames...

Anonymous said...

really...your relationship with london. really?

you are so emotional.


p.s. way to play favorites and have chelsea be on your blog.

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Mike said...

Drew, I would so love to see Chicago again on stage--I saw it on Broadway two summers ago and it was fantastic. I am still waiting for Wicked to get to the Civic Center or something....still waiting....

Have fun with your last few days!

-Mike C.