Monday, November 5, 2007

Remember,Remember the 5th of November

Greetings Friends,
Today marks the anniversary of Guy Fawks, and for any of you who haven't seen the movie "V for Vendetta", its a celebration remembering the blowing up of Parliament and the beginning of of a revolution of sorts...I think.

But this weekend has been full of fireworks exploding and bonfires everywhere, unfortunately, I wasn't in the know as to where 90% of this was taking place, so I didn't get involved.BUT I did hear lots of fireworks going off tonight,when I was sitting in my room!

Friday, Meghan and I had a day date. We slept in until noon, then we sat around and was lazy for awhile before we finally got dressed all nice and fancy like and went out on Oxford Street to visit all the stores that are nice to look at but we could never afford! We also made a visit to the most AmAZING Toy Store in the world, Hamleys. It was almost like a trip back to my childhood, with 5 floors of stuffed animals,toy cars, Barbies, and everything else. Workers were playing with the toys and giving demonstrations, children were running around screaming and I was really wishing I was 5 again. Meghan and I decided to get ourselves something and bought Teddy bears! YES, I am willing and comfortable in admitting that I am a 19 year old boy who sleeps with a teddy bear still. We also ate out at one of my new favorite diners "Ed's Diner" which is a 50's American diner.

Saturday, Me,Chelsea, Dana, Meghan and Dana's mom(Barb) and sister(Julie) went shopping. We made another trip to Primark and Drew finally bought his blazer and new dress socks,because the ones I had were getting a little gross. We also went to Harrods and took a look at the Princess Diana memorial and all the other glorious things Harrods had.Saturday night, Chelsea, Meghan and I got dressed up(I wore my new blazer) and we had a fancy night on the town!

Sunday was spent being lazy. I slept in and lounged around and watched Catch and Release, a movie which actually makes you never want to fall in love (at least, that's what it did for me) and then we went to the "Pop Art Photo" exhibit at the National Gallery and it was really neat and had alot of works from Andy Warhol and other pop art artists and it was pretty interesting. After that we went and rented more movies, and found a great Chinese place that lets you get as much as you get fit into a little Tupperware container for 4pounds.

Today was supposed to be a productive day for me, but it failed. I slept in. Then I took a trip to Covent Gardens and I finally had my waffle w/ chocolate ice cream that a few people told me to get. I have NO CLUE if it was the right place,but I do know it was delicious! After that I took a nap and then have sat around and tried to book my trip to Paris.

Rewinding back to Catch and Release though. I willingly admit that besides sleeping with a teddy bear, I enjoy "chic flicks" and believe crying is healthy and that all real men cry. But, this isn't the point I'm trying to make. My new topic is, why do we like "chick flicks" ? Why do most women and the rare,but amazing man, enjoy watching a movie that: makes you cry,makes you sad,makes you question if you'll ever find love,why you want to find love, wonder what loves like or make you miss that one love you once had and have since lost? Movies like "The Last Kiss" where every relationship gets torn apart or "Catch and Release" where Jennifer Garner's fiancee dies the day before the wedding and if that's not bad enough, she finds out he was cheating on her, and the list could continue.

But really, why are we drawn to these movies? What makes us want to watch a movie that we know is going to make us cry and sad and eat too much ice cream and think about the shoulda' ,coulda', woulda's of previous relationships...but I think I have the answer.

ONE because a good cry is needed every once in awhile.

and TWO because it reminds us of a time when things were better and we were in love or maybe just madly in like. It reminds how happy we were when we had those special moments. LIKE: When you see the movie starlet look into her prince charming's eyes and he whispers something sweet and they share that picture perfect movie moment kiss, and everything in the backgroud fades and melts away. You remember the butterflies in your stomach ,you remember how fast your heart was beating the tingle in your fingers and the thoughts that rushed through your mind.


If you lucky enough to have already found that love and held on to it, it just reminds you and makes you appreciate it that much more and makes you remember the beginning and what it was like and how happy you are that you've somewhat in someway lived those moments. (or at least I'm assuming. I ovbiously don't know for sure.)

BUT it also gives you a beacon of hope, reminding you that someday you'll have that moment and though he (or she) probably won't sit on your porch for days on end to let you know how much he cares, or stand outside your window holding a boombox or make you a mixtape, someday something like that WILL happen.

I do now feel slightly embarrassed for just going off on that tangent,but remember that time I talked about a stream of consiencenous, yea, that's an example.

Anywhom, its back to the grind tomorrow with classes,503 and living up my remaining 25 days in London.


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Anonymous said...

Ok Drew, enough time off. Get back to blogging. I will send pictures of the new Wade baby as soon as we get him from the pound. Hope you guys are still having fun. I can't wait to see everyone.