Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just like the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and....

Greetings Friends,
Well, I was catching up on my Simpson campus news and browsing through The Simpsonian website when I saw under the "recently commented" heading, a link to an article I had written way back in March about working in the restaurant business and it was all about how to be a better customer.

Well, the article recieved alot of attention for some odd reason. Mainly from a very um. unique individual who goes by the name of "springs1" who left a comment on my article that was around 1,500 words when my original article was around 800!

So, banter went on between this springs person and a few different people for awhile and finally died down.

WELL, I looked today and once again Springs is back and the article is now at a whopping 19 comments. If you need a good laugh check it out, because really I just find it halarious.

Here is the link:

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mustang_s45 said...

Interesting...also read "springs" comments...alot of rambling on I am thinking...but it is true...don't mess with those who serve you food...s