Tuesday, October 2, 2007

NO, Seriously this weather kind of blows

Greetings Friends,

The weather is still London-esque in all its glory: wet,chilly, and smoggy and unfortunatly I think we are officially done with the gloriousness of sun and blue skys. :(

You will be pleased, or maybe not, to find out that even though I haven't blogged in a couple days, you have not missed out on anything. Thus the reason for no blogging, nothing exciting to talk about.

Sunday was yet another day of rest for yours truly.BUT I did end up getting around and some friends that we had met at "The Rocket" a few weeks ago came over and hung out with us, it was nice having fresh faces in our rooms instead of the same boring Simpson people all the time. (j to the k).lol

Monday-more napping and movie watching for Drew, I was introduced to the wonder of "Not Another Teen Movie" and it is now one of my new favorites! I also rode the tube for an hour or so and did homework on it. lol.yes, I rode the tube and wrote my journals, finally getting almost all the way caught up and I plan on doing that tonight.

Today we had class and we took a walking tour of where all the Bloomsbury Group people used to live. For those of you who don't know and don't feel bad if you didn't, I only know because I'm taking the class. But the Bloomsbury group was a group of scholars back at the turn of the 20th Century who were leaders in their fields; artists,economists,writers,politicians and they were all friends and lived in the same area and even loved eachother at times. The saying goes "they lived in squares but loved in triangles" and it was all very bohemian and intellectual. But we got to see where some of those people lived

Tonight, the theatre nerds of the trip(Ann,Chelsea and myself) are going to see a show at "The Globe" because its season ends this week. It'll be fun!!!

At some point, I need to do laundry, I think I've used my alloted rewearing times for my clothes, and my jeans are beginning to stand on their own :S.

MORE GOOD NEWS- JP has possibly hooked us up with volunteer-things at a local off-west end theatre. So hopefully, I'll be getting some more theatre experience in London which would be minorly fantastic!!!

I need to figure out my class schedule too. We're supposed to get registered tomorrow and I still only have a rough idea of what I want to take. I'm debating on how many more cornerstone classes to take versus classes to take for the major and etc. Right now I'm at 2 classes for the theatre major, 1 class for the communications major( which will also be a cornerstone) and 1 cornerstone class, so I have one more to sign up for. Plus I'll probably be taking "The Simpsonian" again.

So, I should probably go do that NOW, while I am thinking about it.

Hope all is well!



mustang_s45 said...

How was the Globe? Any vibes from the Bard? s

Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

Drew- I've noticed an absence of England hits on my Clustrmap. Weird?

I mean, I was GOING to send you an awesome package.....but....