Saturday, September 29, 2007

Its getting chilly

Greetings Friends,

So, the last few days have been slower than the service at the Indianola Dairy Queen. (Which is slow, if you've never been there!)

Friday was the beginning of the weekend. I'm pretty sure I can handle this no class on Friday thing,and of course I spent my time wisely, sleeping, playing on the internet and shopping!

We found this freakin' amazing shop on Oxford St. called "Primark" and its CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, I'm talking 4 pounds for a t-shirt. BUT the place was busier than times square on New Years. I'm not even kidding you, I swear the queue to check out was a mile long :( and the store was a wreck with piles of clothes everyone and it was ridiculous. BUT worth it. I also finally found the messenger-type bag I was looking for and got it for even cheaper than I was going to at the market.

We hit up a new club last night called "tiger tiger". It was fun, with different rooms with music and big chairs and couches everywhere, best part is it was free cover until 10!

Today was another jam packed day of excitingness. I slept in until 1, got up , did dishes and attempted to clean our super nasty kitchen that our lovely janitors never seem to clean,ate some food and then took a nap. After my nap I got up, showered,ate again, played on the internet and then decided to do some more city walking. I walked around for awhile, rode the tube a bit and it was PACKED :( and did some grocery shopping. I bought a bulk bag of pasta for like 1.40, and seriously, it will probably last me until the end of October. I also bought some sauce and other things so I don't just eat rice and butter and spaghetti and butter all the time and end up dying at the age of 21 because of clogged arteries.

Back to the nasty kitchen. Seriously, it gets gross at times and its not even because we're a bunch of slobs. It's because our cleaning people never sweep or mop. OR if they do, they'll just mop without sweeping or anything,so then we get a WET dirty floor. Also, our bathroom where the shower is has mold growing on the wall and when someone asked if it could maybe get cleaned, since yea, last time I checked mold gets you sick. They just painted over it. So, yeah, we're pretty much living in the Ritz Carlton.

BUT, to be fair, its not 100% all bad!! We have our fancy little garden and the kitchen area and we get our sheets washed once a week which is a heck of alot more times then they would get washed if I was back on campus.

The weather is finally and unfortunatly turning into London weather :( The last couple days have been cold and wet and Oh-so-not fun. But, its not horrible. It hasn't been a downpour and luckily when I have went outside its still warm enough to just wear a sweater. So,I could handle it like this, if it gets much colder I will probably get a little angry.

Room G2 (Chelsea, Dana, Meghan and Emily) have recently adopted a new pet, Steve-the snail. He is currently residing in a bowl and they feed him fresh leaves from the garden everyday and then tonight they found him a new lady friend. Apparently though, last night Steve escaped and ended up on a shoe I had left in the room. So, I can't wait to see how long he lasts. Lets just hope no one feeds him tortilla chips.

I got a little dishearted today, while I was on my London city adventure. I'm standing near the doors of the tube and its already packed and yet people would still push and shove their way on and I even got hit by one ladies bags and NONE of these people were like "excuse me", "sorry" or even/god forbid "Oh,there isn't room, I'll wait for the next train." It upset me bacause, and I know its more than just this city, so many people are just about themselves and what they're doing and where they are going and can only see that goal and don't give a care about anyone else, and it made me sad.

But, I think thats about it for now. This entry is getting about as tiring as reading about Britney's latest mental issue, so I'll retire for the night.




mustang_s45 said...

almost Oct, almost fall break...have a feeling Oktoberfest will be as packed with people...the snail sounds yucky...good thing you did not put your shoe on...ha...sally

Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

Um, how many hours per day are you actually AWAKE? LOL.

DREW said...

lol..not as many as I spend asleep.