Sunday, September 9, 2007

Market to Market and the disco club, plus being lazy

Cheers Mates,

Yesterday was another day full of walking. We went to the Burrough Market over near London Bridge and it was quite an interesting experience.

It pretty much all food there and Im so glad I didnt bring money with me otherwise I wouldv'e spent way too much on all the delicous things they had there; sausages,pastries,candy,fruit,veggies,all sorts of meats and the list goes on. Its actually London's biggest and oldest market and has been running for over 1,000 years (according to JP). But seriously, at first we were in just one little part of it and was like "man this blows,how is this so amazing?" but then we walked through a little allyway and found this huge bustling place. Full of people and vendors and smells and yea. it was pretty sweet.

We also walked down the block from the market and went to the "Seafood and Oyster Festival". It wasn't quite as exciting as the market but we saw all sorts of seafood and smelled delicious jumbalyas and looked delicious. Chelsea and Dana tried oysters for the first time too and it was funny watching their expressions as they ate the chewey,awkard substance.

We walked around London Bridge area for a bit more, went down to the Thames and walked around and then finally headed back home.

Most of us took nice long naps yesterday afternoon and it was great to finally just sit around and be lazy for a few hours and do nothing!!

Then Chelsea,Dana and I went out on the town in London. We took the tube to Leicester Square and walked around looking for something to do and ended up finding a club called "Sound". It was pretty fun. It was had 3 floors and there were all sorts of people there.

...and that sums up my Saturday...

Today,its been another AMAZING lazy day, the first since I got here. I slept in until 1:30 and since then have just sat around and played on the computer and worked on cleaning up the mess I've made in the room.

OH ps.. I was pretty proud of us last night, we actually found our correct bus and where we needed to go on the first try!! Instead of running to 3 different bus stops asking for directions! I was pretty stoaked about it.

We also happened to share a bus last night with some other American students and I just hope we're not as annoying as they didnt talk to them, but just over heard them talking and being annoying and i really hope thats not how we've looked to other people :S

but thats about it for now.

With the way today's going I'll pry write more later on.


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