Thursday, September 20, 2007

And the walking never seems to cease

Greetings Friends,

Wednesday we decided to swtich things up and do some more museum visiting...oh-wait... We started the day off by visiting Wesminster Abby, which to be honest, was a bore and a half. It was minorly interesting and pretty to look at BUT our tour guide gave a few too many details and talked a little too much and I found myself falling asleep while standing up. The most ineresting thing there was finding out that alot of notable people are buried there; Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, TS Elliot, and a few others. They also had a statue honoring William Shakespeare in there and a stone honoring Charles Darwin. Its semi awkward though ,because these "graves" are on the ground and these big stones that have the name of the person engraved are right there under your feet, SO technically you're walking over the dead bodies of these great people from history and I felt a lil guilty.

After the tour of Wesminster,Dana, Chelsea and I headed back home to have lunch and grab a quick power nap before our tour of Parliment. This turned out to be pretty interesting and I enjoyed it alot. It was neat getting to see how another country's government is ran and seeing the room the queen gets ready in for the opening of parliment and etc. Our guide was nice and efficient and told us the facts w.o being too detailed and boring.

When we finished with parliment we walked a bit around the southbank area of London before heading home. Then Chelsea and I went in search of a mobile with no success :(

The rest of night was spent doing a whole lot of nothing, when I really pry should have spent it doing homework.


Today was another fabulous day in the great city of London. The weather has become a bit more London-esque, chilly, windy and a bit on the moist side, but good nothing too ridiculous. Today we went to the Tower of London which is infamous for the torturing and imprisoning of prisonors who were notable (ie: kings, queens and people who have committed treason). Its also home to the crown jewels of England. We spent a couple hours here just walking around looking at everything.

After that we went to Oxford Circus and did some minor shopping, then we went to a Thai buffet and it was actually minory gross. Then we came back home, took another nap and then went to see an AmAZING show...WICKED. I had already seen in it in Chicago a couple years ago and was uber excited to see it again and it was absolulty FANTASTIC!

Then the rest of the night has been alot of lounging around again and i've did a bit of catching up on homework.


This week is recruitment week for Greek Life and its minorly depressing not being able to be there and meet all the new freshman and it'll pry be super awkward coming back into the house and not knowing any of the new neophytes/pledges. but I most definitally wish my brothers the best of luck tonight!!

-Some 14 year old decided to run away from home and make a break for London to visit all the museums. Sources say he was really advanced in school and they think that he ran away,emptied his savings account and bought a 1 way ticket to london and they think he's visiting all the museums here, becuase apparently he's a nerd like that ( they didnt say that, thats my personal twist on it).

Thats about it my dears.

Hope life is still treating you grand!


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Tiffany - Admissions Counselor said...

i enjoyed today's "london news," particularly your added twist. LOL ;P