Friday, September 7, 2007

Some other interesting things that have happened

Cheers Mates,

So...I'm just sitting around chilling and thinking about the whirlwind that has been my life for the past 5 days and I've thought of a few things that have gone on and I figured I'd clue you in.

1) Apparently its ovbious we're Americans.
-We were on the tube back to Earl's Court and dana and chelsea and I were silently sitting there reading our papers (ps they give them out FREE btw!!) and Chelsea speaks french and overheard 2 little french boys talking about us saying that we were being "loud with our actions and etc. " and that they could totally tell we were americans and I just thought it was funny ,because I thought I was actually figuring things out here and fitting thought it was funny..

2) Clubs are pretty intersting here in London..We walked around a part of the city looking for things to do the other night and found a club called "The Ghetto" and it most definitally was. It was in the basement of a bulding that was in the middle of an ally in the middle of the city. It was dark and minorly scary..BUT the music was good and we ran into other americans.. it was a fun time.

3) I forgot to mention this in my blog from like an hour friends and I went "punting" today.. and NO, its not kicking a football ( I originally thought that too) but rather, it was riding a little mini boat and having a person steer it for you (think the boats they use in Vienna) but anyway..we took one of those boats in Cambridge and got a tour of the city and a tour of the college and everything. It was really relaxing and nice..i actually took a nap on it. We also haggled for it...and worked people down from 10# per person to 20# to take 3 of us on one boat!

4) People are "agressive". From what I heard, people here where more laid back and lasseiv fair and whateve.. Well, NOT SO MUCH...people walk fast and in a hurry and don't move for anything. Seriously, I could be standing within a foot of a wall, and then have 3 feet on the other side of me and a person could be walking towards me and they would walk the foot between me and the wall, rather than the 3 feet of free space because its less for them to move over.. It gets intense at times especially when in the queue(line) or walking down the sidewalk.

but yea.. thats the only things that come to mind right now.


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