Tuesday, September 4, 2007

And the adventure continues...

Greetings Friends!

Today the adventure continued as we toured the great city of London.

The buses were jam packed due to the strike that is currently going on with the tube :( and according to the papers (a few of which they give out for free YAY) its supposed to continue until Friday :( Which means packed buses,angry commuters and longer travel time.

Anyway, we took a guided bus tour of the city today and if you've heard about it, we saw it today; the globe theatre, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral and the list continues and I took some fabulous photos of a majority of it and will try to get those up soon! PS though, the pretty bridge that lifts up and has the towers and is in all the movies actually ISN'T London Bridge but rather, Tower Bridge. The real London Bridge is boring and plain.

Anyone a fan of "The Bourne Ultimatum"? You remember the scene at the train/bus station where the reporter runs and gets sniped and dies? WELL, we went there today!!! Yea, so I was at the place they shot a scene of "Bourne". YAY!

A friend and I did a little exploring too..of sorts. We were on the bus and saw a grocery store and so we hopped off and went and did some grocery shopping and decided to walk back and we were pretty sucessful at it and only almost got lost!

I don't really think its fully sunk in I'm in London for the next 13 weeks, it still feels like I'm just here for a few days.

PS, public transportation is pretty entertaining. I've seen some interesting people,saw how angry people get and heard some interesting conversations on the bus.

That's where I'll end for today. I'll do my best to get pictures up ASAP.



Anonymous said...

Hey Drew!

I'm glad to hear things are off to an exciting start for you! Congrats on not getting lost on your way home from the store!! Takes lots of pics for us!


Jamie said...

JEALOUS!! Your digs look a little nicer than ours did! Show us more pics of where you're living!! We're all reading faithfully and hoping you're having a fantastic time. Cheers, mate!

Tiffany - Admissions Counselor said...

speaking of movies...you'll have to go check out the site of "notting hill." ;P