Monday, September 24, 2007

A Philisophical Conversation

SO, my minds been busy the last few days with a bunch of random thoughts about different things and etc. and I got to thinking about the whole "fate v destiny" debate.

I got to thinking about it with a few things. Like, I personally do believe in the motto/phrase "everything happens for a reason." But, if a person believes in that, is it possible to believe that you're in charge of your own destiny? Where's the line?

Also, if everything happens for a reason, does absolutly everything happen for a reason? Is every single second of our lives pre-planned out and we really have no control over it. So, when we think we're making a decision, we actually aren't, but rather just following the steps of a pre-determined path set up for us by whatever deity we choose to believe in.

Are there only certain pivitol points in our lives that are pre-determined and so when we say "everything happens for a reason" we're talking about the big things. Like, breaking off an engagment, death, who we get married to, etc. Then all the little things in our lives are our own choice and have no actual effect on the outcome of life. Sort of like, reality TV shows. Where they cut out "certain portions of the game,which have no effect on the results".

So, if you stick with the former mode of thinking; that everything happens for a reason and really our lives are essentially a movie pressed on play the moment of our birth, then its kind of pointless to get stressed, because you have no control and things are going to happen the way they are no matter what you do.

Then going off that, I really have work to do, because I stress ALOT. about things, like mad. About anything and everything and yet, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I think it's partly a security blanket type mantra, because by thinking that, you feel better because you know that everything will somehow be okay in the end.

Its kind of like when you get gut feelings about things-good or bad- and something is going on in your life and its really driving you nuts and stressing you out and you worry about it ALOT, but deep down you know its all going to be okay. But then you wonder if you really feel and somehow know its all going to be okay, is it because it is going to turn out alright. OR are you thinking you feel that way because you want to feel that way and console yourself a little?

BUT, anyway. Sorry for this random thoughtful blog. Its not really London or college related, more life in general things. But yea, it was just a whole thought pattern that crossed my mind when I was on my walk tonight.


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