Monday, September 10, 2007

A lot about alot of nothing

Greetings Friends,

Not too much exciting news to fill you in on.

We went to the Courthauld Galleries today and looked at pretty paintings from the impressionist movement, including the self-portrait of Van Gough.

After that a few of us walked around in Picadilly Circus and went shopping, I didn't anything too exciting or major; just a shirt to layer with. What I really need to get is a blazer, everyone seems to have them here.

Once again today has been just chilling after the gallery. I really should probably try and work on homework and do my journals I need to do. But I kind of like to procrastinate and do things at the last minute. But I will probably work on them later today.

I just finished a really super good book called "Everyone You Should Know" its written by the same author who wrote "Devil Wears Prada" so yea, I highly suggest it.

The weather is getting a bit chillier here. Last week was really nice and a few locals we talked to said it was really nice weather for this time of the year. Now, its getting a little cooler, but luckily its nothing ridiculous yet.

So, thats about it for the report. I ran to the store earlier today and picked up a bunch of candy, I had a wicked craving for chocolate going on and fell in like with a new candy bar. Its called "crunchies" and they are AMAZING!!

anyway, catch you later my friend.


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