Monday, September 3, 2007

From Across The Pond

The garden that's in the back of our building

My home sweet home for the next 13 weeks

Greetings Friends,

WELL... I'm finally in London!!! I can't believe its really here and it hreally hasn't sunk in that this is where I'll be living for the next 13 weeks of my life!!!

The trip over was pretty uneventful, no exciting people on the plane or anything. Our airplane from Cincinatti to London was HUGE though . I was used to the little puddle jumpers that have 4 seats in a row, this plane about 40 rows with 7 seats per row it was HUGE and they fed us like every two hours with snacks and meals and it was interesting.

I've probably had about 4 hours of sleep within the last 48 hours...we arrived here at like 9am London time (3am Iowa time) and hit the ground running. We took a tour of our neighborhood, went to lunch at a restaruant nearby and then went grocery shopping. We took some time to take a power nap and then a group of us went to Picadilly Circus which was FABULOUS. We managed the tube pretty well..BUT apparently it will be closed down tomorrow because all the workers are going on strike..OH GREAT 4 me!!

But we just walked around and looked at all the pretty buildings and such. It was fun to people watch too. All the brits dress so nice and classy. You barely saw anyone wearing just a t-shirt and jeans and DEF no shorts or sweatpants!

Anywhom..London is fabulous already!! We're touring the city tomorrow by bus and it will be exciting. The building we're staying is pretty nifty. I'll try and take more pictures to put up on here.

Until Next Time



Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

Awesome pics! Do you have an accent yet? LOL

Sara - Admissions said...


This place is TONS nicer than where we lived . . . no fair! :) I'm so glad you got there safe & have already begun to explore!

Tiffany - Admissions Counselor said...

the way brits dress is SO true...everytime we went sightseeing, you could EASILY pick out the Americans among everyone else - LOL!