Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Greetings Friends!

The last couple days have been decently busy without being too overwhelming.

Yesterday we helped out with a "Race 4 the Cure" event. It was a minor event finding the place. We got to the actual site just fine. It was only 1 tube stop and 1 bus stop away from home.BUT we get to the park and the track we thought the event was at, but didn't see anything saying it was going on. No big ballons or banners or tiker-tape parades or anything. So we go into the building that was at the track and tell him we're there for the Race 4 the Cure event, and he gave us this complete blank stare and acted like we were stupid. SO, we leave and walk around for alil bit, before running into our other Simpson friends and JP and Elyse and turns out that the race WAS at the track and the receptionist was just an idiot.

Then we had to stand around for awhile before the lady who ran the show finally showed up and told us what to do, and we just did a bunch of random jobs to help set up for the event; making goody bags,putting up flags,banners etc, blowing up ballons, setting up tents and etc. It only lasted a few hours and the weather was nice and I felt like a good person for the day.

After we got back, I went to the Camden Market to look for a better bag than the one I have and found nothing,except a bunch of creepy punk-wannabe's.

When I got back I showered and got all cleaned up and then finished my Simpsonian article, (check for it on on Thursday!) Then went to "The Rocket" to meet up with everyone else and get some food. WELL, turns out they shut down the kitchen at 6 on the weekends, which makes no sense, when they close it down at 10 on the weekdays and the weekends are even busier on the weekends. So, I was minorly bitter. BUT I went to Burger King and I got a Sweet Chili Chicken Baguette, and it was delicious.

TODAY we made a trip to Thorpe Park whpich is an amusement park and it was SWWEEET!! They had some super amazing awesome roller coasters. My favorite was the one called "The Stealth" and its kinda in the shape of a big oval, and one end goes up 200 ft in the air. But it starts you out and takes you up to 80 mph in just 2 seconds!! It was a nice break from the city and relaxing and alot of fun.

The rest of the night I've sat around and wrote,wrote,wrote. I've realized I write a whole lot. I write here on my WONDERFUL BLOG which I absolutly LOVE doing (no really, I really do enjoy it...promise), then I write in another journal I have, then I have to do journals for class and homework. But, I don't mind it. I just feel like I get a bit repetitive.

Tomorrow is going to be spent doing homework and catching up on that and then we have a group thing over at JP and Elyse's flat and have pizza!!

So, thats essentially it. Lots of exciting times going on in the city of London.


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mustang_s45 said...

sounds like fall break cannot come soon enough! sally