Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Still Going Strong

Cheers Mates!

London is still treating me kindly and its hard to believe its only been 3 days.

We're starting to feel our way around and starting to know where to go and how to get from place to place, but i still hate the bus system here, its the most confusing thing in the world AND i've also decided that you should NEVER ask a bus driver for directions. WHY? Because everytime we go to take the bus and ask them if this is the right one for wherever we're going, they tell us NO and to take another one..when really our original idea probably works. So, from now on we don't ask bus drivers for directions! BUT good news! The tube strike is "suspended" so we got to use that today when we went to the museum.

So yea. We went to the British Museum today and it is HUGE!! O to the MG... We were there for like an hour and only looked at 2 exhibits..But thats because our good 'ol tour guide (who's also going to be co-teaching our Modern Art class and helping alot with our British Culture and Society class) gave us really in depth info on the exhibit we saw. Which was on all the ancient greek sculptures and stuff and pieces of the parthenon and WOW it was awesome.

We also got our first assignment today :( We have to find 3 pieces in the museum and write about them; why they interest us, the history, etc. I've decided I'm going to do the main gallery, the museum istelf (hello! It was built BEFORE our country was!) and then a third thing. not sure what yet.

Right now is break time for the first time since we've been I'm just chillin' at the flat, plan on doing some e-mailing and reading and etc...and then we have a very special event planned tonite!!!

We are going to see our first theatre show in London tonight. The show is called "In Celebration" and its about a family reunion and the bad things that happen (its a drama =( ) and the leading man in the show is *drum roll please* ORLANDO BLOOM!! AWESOME!! I know! and the ticket was only 15 pounds (3o american dollars!)

So, thats the exciting news for today!

In general everything is good. Everything is so expensive here :( but I'm learning to deal, the weather is nice today, and yea.. things are just great.

One of my new favorite past times here is now people watching. It's really interesting to see the kind of people that ride public transportation or what they wear and etc. and how people act in general. London has such a mix of people. I can walk a block radius and hear conversations in english, spanish, chinese and indian. No lie..its amazing.

So, I'll stop for now. It's only 3 o'clock here (about 9:00 AM back home)which is something else thats really crazy.

But yea, hope all is well for you my friend!!




Anonymous said...

O to the MG??? OK, I'm diggin' that expression now.

Awesome to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Who's your tour guide? Is it Donald? Does Goran manage the building you live in? He managed Macy House, and I heard a rumor that he moved to the building you all are now in...

Tiffany - Admissions Counselor said...

LOL, that's funny...I thought the same thing as "anonymous," my new fave drew expression is O to the MG! :P