Sunday, September 16, 2007

We now continue with our regularly scheduled blogging

Greetings Friends!

My apologies for the lack of blogging the past couple days. I wish I could tell you that I have been busy seeing the sites and sounds of London and making friends with all sorts of celebrities and becoming the talk of the own. But I'd be lying. No, instead, while I have done my bit of sight seeing and city touring, I've also just been super lazy the last few days, but I've enjoyed it!

We had Friday off because JP and his family went to Scotland for the weekend. So I got to sleep in and it was sweet. Then most of the afternoon was spent sitting around doing nothing until my friend Anne and I decided to go vist Convent Garden. She had already been there a few times and I hadn't so we were going to visit the shops and see some of the street performers and such. WELL, we get there and remember that CHICAGO is playing at the theatre there and that Kelly Osbourne is in it. So, we check it out and find that tickets are only 20 pounds and decide to go. Turns out Meghan and Emily saw the flyer and decided to go to and they ended up calling Chelsea and Dana and so we all ended up going to CHICAGO and it was amazing. Kelly Osbourne was deece in the show, but the ensemble ROCKED!

PS-When we were out at the clubs Thursday night I was sitting outside getting some fresh air and who pulls up at the stoplight? Kelly Osbourne and she turned and waved at us! I felt special!

After the show we ate out at a cute little diner called "Ed's" which is pretty much a 50's buger joint. I got the Atomic American Fries, which were fries with sides of; salsa,guacamole,sour cream,nacho cheese,chili and ketchup and they were DELICIOUS!

After dinner we went back to our flat and chilled for awhile. Then Dana, Chelsea and I went out and walked around and hung out at a few clubs and places.

Saturday I slept in for a bit, then we went to a couple markets. The first one was very unique. It was home to all sorts of rebel/punk/alternative clothing and music and etc. People had the faux-hawk/mo-hawk thing and colored hair and lip/nose/eyebrow tounge rings, the baggy pants and yeah, the "normal" ghetto-punk-I hate society look. Not, that Im being stereotypical or anything. After we got done looking around there we hopped on the tube to go to the "Portabella Road" market, WELL turns out that they had closed part of the tube for planned work and we had to get off before our original destination and had to walk around 30 mins through the city to get to the market, once again getting our exercise. I've decided that I need to look into getting one of those pedometer things so I can actually see how much I've walked during the semester.

Well, the Portabella Road market was alot different from the Camden market. This one was just set up on the street and had all the shops and such plus all the stalls that people set up. It was full of antique dealers and just random things, plus the veggie and food vendors. Chelsea and I tried cocount water and it was pretty tasty.

Our way back from the market was another adventure. We tried to find a tube station and couldnt so we decided to take a bus to kensignton and from there we could walk home. WELL, we dazed off on the bus forgot where we were going and ended up in some shady part of London, not even close to home. We then had to walk around and find a bus route that would take us to where we could find our way home. So, we found a bus that went to Oxford Circus, which allowed us to jump on a tube to home. So, in short, a ride that should've taken 30-40 mins to get home, took us 2 hours-ish!! Oh,well, now we can say we've been to a new part of London. And then the rest of night was spent once again lounging around the house.

Today for me, was an EXTRA lazy day. I slept until around 1, got up for an hour,visited a little and then felt tired so I went back to bed and slept until 5, got up,showered,ate and then have sat around! I did however go see some fireworks with Chlesea, Meghan and Paige down at the Thames River. They had some festival thing this weekend and it concluded w/ fireworks. It was a deece show. BUT ONCE AGAIN, getting there seemed to be a challenge and we ended up going to direct opposite way we needed to go. Oh, London commuting adventures.

Tomorrow we are visiting the London Museum, hopefully we'll have no problem getting there this time.

I think thats it for now.

Hope all is well!

PS- no, London news this time because I haven't read a paper for a couple days.


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mustang_s45 said...

Hope the fireworks were worth the long trip!sally