Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Museums and the London Dungeon

Hey Friends!

Yesterday we got more museum time yea :S! At the Museum of London which was semi-interesting because it was more child focused and so it was fun things and lots of computer game type things and interactive things we could do, which was great when you have an ADD personality like myself. We also went to the Imperial War museum which was alot more intense and serious,but great never-the-less. The exhibit that definitally impacted me was the Children at War Museum. It was an exhibit dedicated to the children of the war and the kids that got moved to the country or USA so they weren't in the city for the war and how they left home and wouldnt see their parents for YEARS and I just can't believe that. I mean, im 19 and am having trouble knowing I can't see my mommy for 13 weeks, let alone being 5 and leaving your mom for who knows how long. It was just really crazy and sad to read about.

Then the rest of Monday was lounge around and nap time,again. We also went grocery shopping and I now have groceries that should last me for awhile .Mainly carbs; spaghetti,rice,bread,etc. I did splurge though and buy candy and sausages.

Today was a fine day as well. I woke up at like 1:00 and then we went to the LONDON DUNGEON and it was a great time. Its a half amusment park half museum type place. Its all decorated all scary like with gargoyles and gross wax figures and such. They have actors all costumed and make up uped. And you walk through and we learned a bit about the tortue things they used way back then,the black plague, jack the ripper, the great london fire and a few other things. We also rode a couple of ride type things there. it was really cool and a great way to spend the afternoon. After that we chilled for a while before going out to eat at our new favorite hang out "The Rocket".

NOW, we're back and its time for bed, so Drew can get up and go visit Wesminster Abby and the Houses of Parliment.

-London is getting its own Bungalow 8 and it has a super serious strict guest list, some stars have even been rejected.
-Its London Fashion Week here and new steps are being taken when it comes to models. 1) All models must have a written doctors note saying that they have no eating disorder. 2) All models must have proof that they are above 16, no models under the age of 16 are allowed.3) A majority of the shows are now providing the models with boxed brunches that have a well balanced meal, so they models know that eating right is okay and they are still able to stay skinny.

Have a good one.



Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

Interesting about the models! The scary place sounds awesome!

Tiffany - Admissions Counselor said...

so, not only were we facebook personality soulmates, but we can now be proud in sharing our "ADD personalities" together - LOL!

p.s. i don't believe i've read it, but have you guys visited the tower of london yet w/ all the crown jewels, armor & stuff?! that was one of my fave places! :)

Anonymous said...

drew you are ridiculous! this is why we are friends.


*fin was invented in 2342 bc.*