Friday, September 7, 2007

I think my feet have fallen off

Cheers Mates,

Today we visited Cambridge and we walked and walked and walked and walked. BUT it was an enjoyable time.

We visited 3 of the colleges there, apparently there are 31 colleges that make up Cambridge University. They were all super gorgeous and neat and classy looking and its just crazy to think that they were all established and built 200 years before our country even began!!! They look alot like the harry potter movies really. With the coutryard and grass EXCEPT in real life only professors(fellows, is what they're called at Oxford) are allowed to walk across the grass.

We also just walked around a whole bunch and toured the city and visited the shops and marketplace.

For lunch I ate at a place called "Mana Mexicana" and it was DELICIOUS and cheap. Only 3# for a burrito that was HUGE!

We rode the train there and back and got to visit platform 9&3/4, so that was fun too!

But yea, thats about it for the day today. Nothing too extravagant. Tomorrow we are going to one of the marketplaces in London to hopefully do some cheap shopping and eating!

I'm having a bit of difficulty with my bank account :( I forgot my pin number go me!! so I have to get a new one mailed to home so they can let me know what it is,so I can get cash again. But im pretty proud of myself, 180 pounds has lasted me about 4 days and half of it was spent on my tube pass for the month.

PS, the tube is so great. Its so easy to navigate and it gets you to places fast. Except at times you're cramped on there with a ton of other people and no breathing space.

Also, the drivers here are ridiculous and I'm surprised I haven't seen any hit pedestrians or wrecks with the way they drive, but apparantly they all know what they're doing.

I have alot more pictures to put up eventually, from the past few days, including more of Orlando and the colleges I visited, so be on the lookout for those!!

But yea, thats about it for what I have!



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Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

I mean, I'm a die hard Simpson alum and all, but if I HAD KNOWN that I could've gone to a wanna ba Hogwarts..... I mean... dang it!!