Sunday, September 2, 2007

A gumbo of emotions

Greetings Friends,

So, in a little more than 24 hours I will be in London!! and right now I'm not 100% sure what to think :S

Don't get this kid wrong, I am totally stoaked and ready to go and know I will have an AMAZING time, but the actual fact that I will be clear across the ocean for 13 whole weeks and that I won't get to see my family or close friends at all, is minorly depressing me. :( Its just hard to believe that I won't have some of my best friends that were either 2 doors down or a quick walk across campus as go to people..sorta..yea, they'll just be a phone call or e-mail away, but its still saddening that I won't be able to see their face sit with them and talk and cry and have fun with for 13 whole weeks!! But, I do need to remember that it is only 13 weeks at the same time. That I will be back in December, things will pick up where they left off and everything will be A-OK!

Im 90% done packing too, which is actually minorly shocking. I finally started doing it today around 3:00 and it was a bit of a chore. BUT the good news is that I got about 90% of my clotes into 1 suitcase, and the other one will be plenty empty and I'll be able to fill it up lots of great London buys!! haha..I still need to make a to-do list of things that I need to get done tomorrow. Like,charge the iPod, get the iPod charger,finish packing, visit grandma, and say good bye to everyone, make sure everything that I'm not bringing is loaded up in the car, so it can make it home etc. Which means I need to get to bed ASAP so I can get some sleep.

BUT enough about London..

Today, one of my besties, Kathryn and I went out on the town. We ate at a DELICIOUS Indian restaurant called "India Star" and then went and walked around the mall and I got a few things for London. After that we came back to Simpson and grabbed our friend Elsabeth and went to a FREE movie (thanks CAB!!) we saw "The Nanny Diaries" and it was way good! After the movie we went to Wal-Mart so I could get my 2nd suitcase for the trip and grab some snacks for the flight, a phone card and some great trashy tabloids to read on the flight too!! Which leads up to where I am now..sitting at the computer and blogging :D

EXCITING NEWS.. I found out that the building we are staying in at London has free wireless internet which = an up-to-date blog for you to read as well as a resource to feed my facebook addiction!

So, yea.. continue to check this blog out because this is where I'll posting during my time in London!

You have a great day my friends and I'll see you round

a few hours till London!!



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