Friday, September 21, 2007

A theatre nerds dream

Greetings Friends,
Today was a dream come true for Chelsea, Anne and I; we visited "The Globe Theatre." Truth be told, for me at least, it wasn't super,awesome,crazy, amazing or anything. There weren't angels singing and a glorious light, like I imagined BUT it was intersesting when I sat back and actually thought about where I was. Our tour guide was fun and she told us some interesting things about the space and then we got to walk around and take picture of everything.

After that a group of us made the trek to Paddington Station so Chelsea and Meghan could get a Paddington bear. Then when we got there we found out the stand was closed for at least another week, so we headed back to Earl's Cout. I then took a nap for a little bit. After the nap we worked on our fall break plans and found flights etc. Which turned out to be alot of NOT FUN and too much work. But we're almost set. As of now,we're going to Munich for a few days,flying from there to Venice, spending a few days in Venice and then getting to Brussels(how and when is to be determined).

After that we sat around and chilled and relaxed and i am now working on my article for The Simpsonian and then hitting the sack, because tomorrow we GET to help with a "Relay 4 Life" event.

-Leading supermakets are facing up to hundreds of millions of dollars in fines after it was found out they've been ripping off customers when it comes to dairy and egg prices. It is assumed that they started doing this is 2002 or 2003. by sharing confidential information with eachother and then keeping prices artificially high without passing on profits to the farmers.

-Britney Spears has been told by a Judge that she must go to parenting classes if she wishes to maintain custody of her children. the judge also told her and K-Fed that they must lay off the drugs and booze for 12 hours before handling their children.


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