Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lets take it down a notch

Cheers Mates,

Today was a little less busy than the previous few days have been. We didn't have anything until 2:30, so we got to sleep in, which felt gr8!

We did get up though to go back to the British Museum so we could do our homework assignment. The place is ginormous and it was hard to decide where to even start. But we browsed around and found some interesting things to look at and even a few dead bodies from egyptian tombs :S.

Then the afternoon was spent at the National Gallery and learning about neo-classicism,impressionist and post-impressionist art and it was pretty interesting. We looked at portraits and talked about them. We saw Van Gough's "Sunflower" painting or whatever the real name of it is. Turns out though, its his most famous work.

After the gallery Chelsea, Dana and I walked around London and went down by Big Ben and the houses of parliment and then went grocery shopping at Tusco's (its essentially our Hy-Vee) and bought a few necessities AND then we got lost trying to find our way home, like hard core lost we did find a new shopping/walking around area! =)

My new diet now consists of bread and a variety of condiments (bread and peanut butter, bread and butter,bread and marmite) and then i also found the britain version of Top Ramen, YAY!!

Tonights plan is just to walk around and explore some more. This city is ridiculous,im sure I won't even see half it while I'm here.

SO, I keep talking about London and half failed to go back to life in general and Simpson things.

Life is swell..ovbiously.. i've pretty much just been living up London and all that...I've thought about home a few times and I really miss a few friends and my mommy and such....ALSO I need to work on finding out the pin number to my new debit card,because I have no clue what it is and im going to need more cash SOON!

so yea. That's about it for the current happenings in Drew's life!

I've taken more pictures and stuff of the house and am going to get those up someday.

peace out




Cassie said...

i don't know if it's possible to be any more jealous of you guys in london right now - wish i was there!! be sure to go to covent gardens and eat a belgian waffle for me - they are to die for!!

Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

DREW!!!! Your clustrmap is INSANE! The whole world loves you!!! :)

Tiffany - Admissions Counselor said...

"...and I really miss a few friends...." I hope I'm one of the "few," rather than a friend you don't miss - LOL, j/k.