Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A US History Lesson while in London!?!

Greetings Friends,

Who would have thought that I would learn about US history while in London? I sure didn't. But, that's pretty much what happened last night when Chelsea,Anne, and I went to "The Globe". The show playing was called "We The People" and it was essentially a dramatic re-enactment of the writing of the constitution.

Overall, I'd give the show a B+ or A-. It was pretty well written and entertaining,although some parts seemed to drag on for me. I was confused at some points too, but thats just because I am horrible at history (sorry, Beth, Jamie,Cassie and Andy) and so I wasn't sure what was going on. Then there were the accents,some were great and they totally sounded "american" but others were RIDICULOUS, one guy honestly sounded like he was trying to impersonate Bill Clinton, so it was rather amusing but got annoying 5 minutes into the show.

But, it was a good show to see and I'd recommend it. It was also neat to be in a totally different theatre setting. With the thrust staging, yard where everyone was standing, and the open ceiling.

Today we had our art class and had the pleasure of visiting the "Victorian and Albert" museum. This was a fabulous museum and we got to see all sorts of different works of art. We looked at some fashion, and JP surprised us by telling us he loves watching the fashion preview to the red carpet and that his favorite designer is Versace because of his classic lines and cuts. I was rather impressed, along with everyone else,including his wife, Elyse.

We also looked at some different sculpture work and finished off the day by looking at just a bunch of random household things; lamps,radios,chairs etc. and how art has influenced them and how art is present. It makes you realize that essentially everything is art, not just paintings and pictures.

After the gallery, a few us headed to a meeting with a local off-west end theatre company called "Theatre 503" in the hopes of getting us Thespians on the trip some career related volunteer experience. The theatre is right above a pub and the office/lounge area of it is pretty neat and has couches and tables and just seems very laid back. Well, we show up to meet with Gene and he was super friendly and right away was like " what can we do for you guys" and we told them how were interested in helping out with their theatre and pretty much willing to do whatever they need done and that we have all sorts of theatre experience thanks to our liberal arts background at Simpson!!

Gene was super friendly and helpful and told us that they would LOVE to have us and that there's as little or as much work there for us and that they can take us whenever we want to start and so I am pretty excitied! They have a really great turnover for shows and we will get to help with 3 different shows during the time we're here!!!! So that'll be amazing. And I am hopefully going to get to help out with PR things and the press nights they have.

Needless to say, I'm really stoaked and can't wait to start!

I finally did laundry today and am now 3.60 shorter,which = about 7 American dollars for ONE LOAD of laundry! Thats only washing too. I didn't even spend the 50p to dry my clothes for EIGHT minutes! So, now they're hanging over anything and everything in my room, in hopes that they'll dry by tomorrow so I can pack for Fall Break.

Yep, I leave tomorrow night for 14 days for fall break and I am roughing it backpack style. That means 2 pairs of jeans and probably 4 shirts for 2 weeks! I'm pretty excitied though. Munich,Rome,Venice,Florence,Milan and Brussels!

UNFORTUNATLY,that means little blogging for the next two weeks *collective sigh here* (hopefully from sadness and not relief )! But don't you worry, I am bringing along my personal journal and will write everything down so I can relay it when I come back!

OH, PS HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! To me and London that is. It's now officially been over a month since I've been here!! It's hard to believe that a month has already gone by! What's weirder is to realize that all my friends back on campus that I talked to everyday and hung out with and called all the time, I haven't in a month! I've called a few friends a couple times and I've spoken with my mommy twice, but other than that, its just been the ocassional facebook message and its just crazy!

Okay, so I need to get back to finishing homework thats due tomorrow.

Ttyl my friends


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