Thursday, October 11, 2007

Roaming around the streets of Rome

Greetings Friends,

Venice was absolutly phenomenal!! I thourghouly enjoyed it!

We ended up finding a great hostel called "Camping Jolly" just outside of the city and we had this great little cabin type thing, and we had our own bathroom! The showers were very hot and amazing and it was great to finally sleep in a bed again, instead of on a mat in a tent!

Tuesday was our first full day in the city and we caught the shuttle that our camp offered and spent the whole day in Venice just wandering the streets. It was so beautiful and the weather was great, I took PLEN TY of photos and will put them up when I return to London-town.

Tuesdy night we sat around the campground and talked with a bunch of other backpackers who were staying there. It was neat, 3 of them were from Canada,1 was from Kentucky and the other guy was from Oxford.They were all just backpacking till their hearts content and didnt really have an internary, which would be amazing to do someday.

Wednesday we spent walking the city again, only we had to lug all our stuff with us because we left that night for Rome. We ended up sitting in this little square for probably like 1/2 an hour just playing with the pigeons and this cat we've named "Mikey". Then we walked some more and sat around on the waters edge and just relaxed,because it sucked carrying our packs everywhere.

So, once again a commuting adventure .We arrive at the airport and are looking on the call board thing for our flight and we can't find it. So, Paige went up and asked someone and it turns out we WERE AT THE WRONG AIRPORT so we had to hurry and catch a cab to get us to the other airport that was 20 minutes away. But before we get into the cab, we get stopped by a guy who tells us that he'll get us a cab. He brings up to the 1st level and says wait here, and then ditches us. So, we leave him and find another cabbie. Who tells us that that guy isn't a cabbie but some random dude, who does it all the time. Anyway, we ended up making it to the airport just fine and making it to Rome A-OK.

We arrive in Rome at around 8 o clock and were like , OKAY, lets go find a hostel. Turns out,people are right when they say book ahead, because it took us forever to find one :( All the good cheap hostels were either full or 30 mins out of the city and in order to get to it you had to take bus A, which would bring to bus stop 10 then you walked 50m to get to train Z that you rode to stop H then you took a shutttle that ran every half hour to finally get to the campsite. So, we found a hotel in town, dropped our stuff off and immediatly went to the internet cafe to book the rest of our weekend. So, today we're headed to "Hostel Ivanhoe" which looks promising and then when we get to Florence we are staying in a great little hostel in the city for super cheap! So, things are looking up. I can't lie though, last night got a little stressful. Not being able to find a place to stay. Knowing it wasn't going to be cheap. It being 11 o c lock and I was tired. But we're safe now and I'm ready to go explore the city.

I've fallen in love with gelato since I've been over here and it doesn't make it any easier when its only 1 euro for a cone,so i've explored the different flavors and trust me, they are DELICOUS!

Okay friends, think that brings us up-2-speed on the European Tour.

Hope life is swell for you!

Ciao Bella


Jamie said...

Drew--did you fly out of that awful little airport in Venice that only has 2 gates and no food and is basically just a terribly run-down Morton building? Cus that's where we flew out of, and got delayed there for 8 hours. It was pure torture. Glad to hear things are going well!! Keep writing, your blogs are great!

mustang_s45 said...

Drew, you always fill in the blanks for trip info...glad you are safe...all 4 of you...and gelato is the best ( so says the child) safe...

Mike C said...

Hey--I'm so honored you named the cat after me! It's a good name.

Tonight went really well- wish you were here.

Keep up the blog (I check for updates all the time!) and keep in touch!